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Twins now triplets

After our Korean dinner we got showered with rain on our walk home. That didn’t stop of us from getting an ice cream treat.


A big thank you to Pattie for finding the great deals on the necklaces and coats that we are wearing. With all of our shopping we found some great deals and some not so good deals.


All in all, we had a wonderful vacation. We suffered from missed flights and activities, delays, and RAIN.  But we had an EXCELLENT time shopping, eating, shopping, sightseeing, shopping, visiting, and giggling (like high school girls), and just plain laughing. Tom was a good sport to hang out with all of us women for most of the vacation.

I think this was a trip we will remember with smiles on our faces for a lifetime. I loved being in the role as “mom” again with all the questions I was asked, and being pulled in a hundred different directions :) I still wake up thinking I am being called. My family actually left 5 days ago, and I am still missing everyone dearly, and trying to play catch up on my sleep.

Floating Market

Today we went to the Floating Market, and everyone had a great time shopping.
Trish and Tom on the James Bond long tail boat.

Many people were visiting today.

Theresa and Pattie had a hard time deciding what to buy?



We learned all about coconuts.

Pattie tried the coconut juice for lunch.

The restaurant staff was wonderful.

They enjoyed the elephant show.

We will be sad to leave Bangkok tomorrow.

A day in Bangkok

We went for a ride on the major river in Bangkok in a long boat.

We toured the Grand Palace.

We had to rent skirts to cover our legs, and Tom had to rent some pants.

The Grand Palace was beautiful.


We enjoyed our delicious lunch of Thai food.


We toured the flower market.

The orchids were amazing.

The Ladyboy show was entertaining.

We are ready for bed.

We made it to Bangkok

We made it to Bangkok last night, and got to bed at 2:30 am. Now up at 7:00 to tour the Royal Palace. I think we will see some tired faces later.

Oh! What a happy day.

The stars are with us today

We started our day with a delicious breakfast.

We got to the airport with no problems, and received our tickets to Beijing. When we land there we will hopefully secure our tickets to Bangkok. One step at a time.
Since we arrived at the airport 3 hours early, and had some time to wait around for our flight,
Mark and I figured we would try our luck at getting everyone into the business class lounge.
We learned we could each take one person with the additional person costing $50.00. After all that has happened we decided to pay the fee without telling them so they could have yet another new experience. When they arrived and we told them they could join us, the excitement filled the room, so much so that the two employees at the desk decided to waive the fee. They told Mark it was an early Christmas gift :)
They really smiled when Pattie took their picture.


We hope our luck holds up to get us to Bangkok.


Pattie visits San Francisco

Just when I thought flying was trouble free, I was reminded today, that life doesn’t work that way for me. We arrived at the airport 2 hours early, anxious to start our trip. After a 90 minute delay we boarded the plane still thinking we would be okay for our connecting flight in San Fran. We were then told we could get off the plane as it would be another 2 hour delay. Mark and I started to worry while Pattie kept our spirits up with her positive attitude. Mark and I started making calls for alternate plans when Trish came running over to say it was the final boarding call. We all just grabbed our stuff and ran to the plane thinking it was all going to work.
The plane took off and we continued with our positive thoughts as we landed 50 minutes before take off. The smiles on our faces diminished as we sat 25 minutes on the runway waiting for a gate to open. Excitement again when we got up to the gate, only to fade away when I stood 20 minutes with the door open waiting for the jetway to get connected. After a few suggestions as to getting to the other side, they finally let us go down the steps to enter the terminal.
The sprint began for the mile run with Tom out front to see if we could hold the plane. A first for me to run that far in an airport.Oh! the sad faces when we looked at our plane sitting there with the doors closed, a couple minutes before we were suppose to take off.
Pattie has never been to California, so I guess we were meant to spend a day in San Francisco.
After we booked our same flight for tomorrow, we took a shuttle to a nearby hotel, and decided to show he the town. The COLD town as it is freezing here. Waiting for the shuttle.

She loved it.




We took a taxi I to town so we could explore Pier 39.






We hope to fly to Bangkok tomorrow.


Pattie, on the road again

Pattie is ready to leave for our trip to Thailand and China.
She enjoyed the morning water aerobics at the pool, and her little drive around town.

Hope we all get some sleep tonight.

Pattie arrives in Utah

Pattie arrived in Utah yesterday, so the visiting started.
First to see Matt’s office.

She liked the lounging area.

Matt was hard at work.

Then on to see Patricia and Tom’s house, and meet Bowser.


To finish off the busy day we met Matt, Laura and Jonathan for Vietnamese noodles up in SLC which were delicious.

Today out for lunch with Connie at Black Sheep in Provo.
We enjoyed a pork chop sandwich, sweet potato fries, a goat burger, and green chili pork Navaho taco.