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Happy Easter

It has been a few years since Mark and I spent Easter here at home. We had a great day with the kids.
Laura came to church with us.

Mark and Laura

I finally got to wear this suit that I had made in Thailand.

Trish and Tom enjoyed coloring eggs.

Matt, Jonathan, and Laura enjoyed their Easter bowls.

The kids gave me these flower bulbs. I will enjoy watching them grow.

Next year we will have a little grandson to join in the fun.


Easter shopping

Today I had another great time shopping for Easter. I used to make these Rice Krispy treats for Patricia and her classmates since her birthday was close to Easter. I was surprised to find chocolate covered Peeps.

Also was very surprised to find edible grass in apple flavor, along with the rabbits in banana flavor.

I forgot how much I like Easter.

Decorating for Easter

This evening I decided to put out a few Easter decorations. It brought back lots of memories from when the children were young and I did ceramics when they were napping.
The orange egg with the rabbit was one of my first pieces. The lamb was also made for Laura.
The little baskets were made for Patricia’s 4th birthday, as I handed them out to all of her preschool friends.

This little bunny house was made as a night light for Matt.

I made two of these cute little bunnies for Laura and Matt, and was then able to make another one when Trish came along.

Such wonderful memories.