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Siberian Tigers

A trip to Harbin is not complete without a visit to the Siberian Tiger Park. This is the world’s largest wild land for the endangered Manchurian tiger which are being bred there.

Harbin 070

Harbin 064

We drove around on a bus to view the tigers.

Harbin 058

For the amusement of the tourists the tigers are fed live animals that a tourist would pay for. In this picture the tigers are surrounding a cow that was deposited in front of them. (Not for the faint of heart) Only in China

They also teased

the tigers with


Harbin 078

Harbin 074

Some of the baby tigers were in cages along with this liger. A mix of a tiger and a lion.

Harbin 080

City sites in Harbin and Russian Coffee

Harbin in the far north of China close to the Russian border  is situated close to the vast sub-Siberian plains. It was  once called “Little Moscow” for its charming pockets of Russian architecture.  The winter temperature can be a little chilly as when we were there it was -22′ (-30′ C).

The ice sculptures are on many street corners.

Harbin 002

These pacman ice sculptures on the streets were illuminated with different colors at night.

Harbin 003

The red leaves reminded me of Canada.

Harbin 060

The Songhua River which runs along the city completely freezes over in the winter. This is where the ice is cut for all the sculptures.

Harbin 008

Mark and I walked along the river to watch the people ice skating, sledding, ice swimming, and just walking across the river. Even on this freezing cold day there were some young men playing ping pong outside.  Life goes on.

Harbin 010

We enjoyed a delcious meal at a Russian Restaurant and decided to try their famous coffee to warm our bones.

Harbin 020

The coffee was not very strong and tasted delicious.

Harbin 019

Winter sports in Harbin

While Mark and I ventured around the ice park it was interesting to view all the different sports taking place on the ice rinks.

Harbin 024

Harbin 025

I’m not sure what this sport is called. They would whip the top to get it to spin.

I think I might like skiing on ice especially the sitting part.

Harbin 026

This looks even better riding on the ice.

(Sorry about the song as not Ann Murray but Karen Carpenter)

Sliding down the ice hill

A winter wonderland for us to explore.

slide 4

It was a  sight to see all the people climbing the ice steps to slide down the other side.


Joan standing under the slide

slide 3

slide 2

Mark climbs the steps.

Joan holds a white fox

The ice city had a carnival full of winter events to take part in all over the park. They had yaks there to sit on but since I have already experienced the joy of riding a yak I decided it was time to hold a white fox. A real deal at 20RMB or $3.00.  He was very docile  and just plain cute.

Joan and fox

Along with the ice sculptures there were a few monuments made from snow which were breathtakingly beautiful.

snow carving

snow carving 2

More ice sculptures to follow and some videos of Chinese winter sports.

Ice and Snow Wonderland in Harbin China

We arrived in Harbin which is in northern China and close to the Russian border this morning  to beautiful sunny skies. The temp was 20′ F or -6 C. so really comfortable considering it could  have been much much colder. We walked around town and when the sun went down hopped in a taxi to go see the city of ice. It was truly magnificent to see so I will show pictures for the next week.


Needless to say it was cold outside since the sun went down so even dressed as warm as I was after 90 minutes we both were ready to catch a ride in the warm taxi waiting for us.

All the buildings you see are made of ice. This was the entrance which said this was the 11th year for the festival.