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Hanoi, and Halong Bay

Mark and I arrived in Hanoi yesterday.

Our tour guide told us Ho Chi Minh was like our NYC, while Hanoi was more like DC. We liked Ho Chi Minh much better.
We drove 3 hours to get on our cruise junk for a 3 day trip around Halong Bay.

We had heard a typhoon was hitting the middle of Vietnam, but the weather was very calm, so we figured we were okay.

We were just getting ready to go see some caves, when we were told we would have to return to the shore as they were concerned the weather would get worse. Lots of sad faces.
Mark and I were told we would be put up in a ” nice” hotel, which concerned us as have seen some nice hotels and did not know what to expect in Vietnam. We were pleasantly surprised.

We were lucky to be able to see a show while eating dinner.

Dinner was also good.

We will go back in the morning to see if we can finish our tour. Just part of traveling and my luck.