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Bowling day

This morning I went to my Mongolian class which was fun, as we learned some of the Mongolian alphabet. Going to take some memorization.
I had a nice lunch with Bev, and then on to do some bowling. It was fun.
Nice shoes

Nice balls

Good company

New friends

Luckily we played 2 games, as I really improved for the end of the second game.


International Woman’s Day

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In Mongolia International Woman’s Day is a official public holiday.

Mongolians celebrates this day within the family. Men give thanks for all women especially for their mother and wife. This day all men cook in their home for women. TV channels show especial programs during this day.
I enjoyed being in Mongolia for the holiday. At our apartment each woman was given a rose. It was taped on our front door.
My rose is still looking nice after a few days.
rose in vase
I would like to wish my dear mother a Happy birthday as it is also on the 8th of March, and a belated birthday wish to my favorite son Matt.
joans_ipad 160

Happy 80th Birthday Edith

Last weekend we celebrated Edith’s (my mother in law) 80th birthday.
Wonderful she could celebrate with her 3 sons, Roland, Mark, Kevin.

Her brother Robert and Roberta came for the celebration.

Peyton, Caitlyn,Roland, Thais

My family

We had a great celebration.


Happy Birthday to my son

Today my dear son Matt, turns the big 30. I can hardly believe he has been in my life for the last 30 years.
He was such a sweet child, and a joy to be around.


He is grown into a charming young man, that Mark and I are very proud of, along with his grandmothers.


Thanks for being with me on one of the more important days of my life. Coming up on a year on March 14th, that we traveled to Canada to get my American citizenship.


I was reminded while talking to Matt today, that it was 10 years ago exactly that we shared in the experience of volunteering for the 2002  Winter Olympics. Wish I had a picture to show, but they are all at home.

Thanks for being such a wonderful son to share in so many of my life’s memorable moments.
I am wishing you all best in this big year of your life, and especially hoping for great adventures in your new work place. Also sending lots of love.

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my dear family.

It was a wonderful celebration with Mark being here to join in the fun.
Matt finished off the evening with a delicious desert.

I am getting older, but life is getting better.
Mark made some room in his suitcase for some treats for my Chinese students.

I think they are going to like them.

Duan Duan is a year old

Duan Duan turned a year old on June 14th. I have yet to meet the little guy because of the distance, but Mark and I are planning a trip this fall when I get back to China. Simon sent some photos. Look at that cute little face.

Duan Duan and mom

Simon and Duan Duan

I can hardly wait to hold the little guy.

Happy Spring!

I can’t believe the crazy spring weather today. Sun, clouds, wind, rain and some snow. I am ready for some warm weather, but happy that I can still turn the heat on, when the weather is so cold. Mark mentioned that they have turned off the heat in China as of March 15. I hope it is warm when I return in April.

Laura’s flowers  (hyacinth) bloomed over night. They look beautiful on her windowsill.


It was great to spend the weekend with my kids and celebrate Laura’s birthday.


Will celebrate with Matt and Trish next weekend.

Let’s go shopping!

Over the last couple days, I have had a chance to do some shopping which has been very relaxing for me. It was Laura’s birthday this week which we are going to celebrate tomorrow, and Patricia’s birthday is in a couple weeks, so lots to shop for.

I found these matching jackets that I just couldn’t resist, and gave them to the girls last night as I have already been wearing mine.


Now, I will just wait and see if they want to walk down the street wearing the same jacket as their mother!

My Canadian/American “rellies”

My dear mom just celebrated her 81st birthday. A gift from China was a must, a scroll with peonies (China’s national flower) in purple which is my mom’s favorite color.


My great nephew “emperors”


More birthdays, younger brother Jamie, Matt, Marek (will marry my niece Amanda in June)


My baby brother (didi in Chinese) celebrated his 45th birthday. Niece Catherine joined in the party.


My great nephews celebrate with their year of the tiger and rabbit plates.


Always fun to celebrate with my family. I think they all loved the Chinese theme. My brother loved his hat and I think he will wear it again!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Scrumptious Cupcakes!

email cupcakes

Wonderful husband!  We celebrated early while Mark was here, and then went out again just with the kids.

email Mark and Joan

Super Terrific Kids!

email Joan, Trish, Laura and Matt

Cool clothes from China!

email Joan, and Matt.

Add it all up for a stupendous birthday.