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Extra pictures and videos from trip

In Laos it was fun to see these young girls fishing in the morning. If you look closely you will see the net is connected to the bottom of the four sticks.


They caught a few small fish.

The little boys hid their play swords for the picture.


The scenery in Laos was so breathtakingly beautiful.


Watch what climbs out of the water!

Inside the cave.


Little children near the cave.


The baby pandas at the zoo.

Trip to Asia with Laura 098

It was a first for me to see the pandas so active.

One of the royal colors in Thailand is pink, so fun to see the  chairs in the airport pink,

Trip to Asia with Laura 061

and also some of the cabs.


Mark’s pictures from Laos

I finally had a chance to view Mark’s pictures, so I thought I would share some of the country side.

Typical Laos home out  in the country


Below the guest house where we stayed.


Near the entrance to the under water cave.


Near the cave.


In the cave.


Bobby’s job is to build a dam to supply power for Laos.


Looking out at the  rock formations and trees on the way to the dam.


Bobby, Tina, Junko (wife), Kelly


Bobby and Junko’s home in Vientian (capital of Laos).


Pictures from boat ride in Laos

We all thought it would be fun to go for a boat ride in a cave under the mountain to escape the  excruciating heat. I instantly wondered what I was thinking as we went deeper into the totally black cave. My claustrophobia set in while I told myself the water was not that deep, so I could walk out if I had to.  We then saw a few lights ahead to highlight the cave and my nerves settled down so I enjoyed the couple hour tour, all for the price of $5.00. Laos had some great deals.



Our little boat held 4 or 5 of us, while the boats filled with Laos people carried 7 or 8.



At times the water was very shallow so both Mark and I would have to get out of the boat and walk along side as the two tour guides lifted the boat over the rocks.


It was a truly breathtaking experience.

On our way to the cave we stopped and ate at a local Laos restaurant. We enjoyed the typical Laos/Vietnamese soup. Delicious and not to spicy.


Laura is holding a ball of sticky rice. It comes in  little wicker baskets and then you literally roll it up into a ball and eat.


Laura in between her cousins Tina and Kelly that live in Laos.

Inside our guest house. The bed was very very hard which brought back memories of my first few years in China staying at Mark’s guest house.

CIMG3087Loved the funky bathroom with now walls for the shower.


How do you like our Laos toilet?


Only kidding! Some remodeling was being done.

We arrived in Hong Kong today to rainy 70′ weather which actually feels nice to get out of the heat.

To complete this blog took half the time of the previous with only the 2 pictures. It is so wonderful when the internet works :)

Surviving the heat in Laos

To me, life is making memories, so Laura, Mark and I are doing just that here in Laos. Quite a shock to the system from leaving snow falling in Utah to over 100 degree weather in Laos.

CIMG3044Laura loved being upgraded to business class. All that flying for Mark paid off wonderfully for her.

We came to Laos to visit with Mark’s cousin Bobby and family. We made a trip to the country side which was absolutely fascinating. We stayed in a guest house which was so quaint, and Laura made friends with a very loud gecko which talked to her all night.


Have tried for 3 days to finish this blog, but have had problems with internet so sending this now. Leaving for Bangkok Thailand this afternoon.