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Expo (World) Fair in Shanghai

Mind your manners the article stated for your trip to Expo.

This text message was sent to people entering the Expo explaining the six”nos” of the Expo: no cutting in lines, no littering, no smoking, so swearing, no vandalism, and no scrambling for free gifts.

Here are some of the pictures that Connie and Lorie took.

The Expo in China is really a big deal as this is the first time an Expo is being held in a developing country. They hope to have over 400,000 people daily to visit over 150 pavilions from different countries.  So, huge lines were expected to enter the pavilions with the longest line taking  9 hours to get into the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. The newspaper articles said to expect to visit 5 pavilions so we were more than happy after we visited 10 in one day.
















You can see that all the paviolins were very different and each unique to their country.IMG_0131

Exotic Food from the friendship tour

Enjoy the picture candy of the food that we experienced on our trip.

Hot Pot (we each got a boiling pot of broth that we put meat, mushrooms… to cook)


This we just looked at, bee cocoon, water beetles, long horn beetles, centipedes, silk worms.



This was Connie and Lorie’s favorite meal. Connie and I had the pork, Lorie termite or ant eggs.


Donkey meat


Steamed fish


They had to try chicken feet!!


This sweet potato looked almost too good to eat, it was delicious.


Pork mixture that you filled in the buns.


Dong Bei noodles


Lily bulbs, from the flower


Won-ton soup


Boiled peanuts, such a different texture


Beans and dates (Simon said they were especially good for women!)


Poutine (a Canadian dish we ate at Expo, french-fries with gravy and cheese curds)


Candid pictures of Chinese people

Here are some of the photos of people that Connie and Lorie took during our 2 week trip.

This picture was taken at the zoo, for a small fee the live monkey would sit on your lap for the photo. We ran out of time, so something to do in the future. The monkey was so dang cute.




These girls followed us around at the Summer Palace making lots of noise.


My friend on the dragon boat. She was proud to tell us her age of 80 years old.


We enjoyed watching this man dance around.


Our wonderful tour guide “Oscar” and the driver for our stay in Beijing.


This women stopped us to have her photo taken with us on the Olympic grounds.


I love the quilted jackets that many women wear daily.


These two girls in Changzhi walked and talked with us even though I reminded them in Chinese I could not speak Chinese.


This man did the intricate carving at the pottery shop.


What a sad face.


Not everyone likes to get their picture taken.


The guard at the end of the slide at the Great Wall.



One of my students who wanted to dress like fancy King Louie and also wants to be the lawyer in the US.


Cessy liked to ride in the van to visit with me. Her English was excellent.


Teacher Jessie


The beautiful (piao-liarng) babies in China

Lorie and Connie took so many pictures of all the cute children so here they are. It was so tough to cut some out so get ready.





Look at those cute bracelets.









He was in the seat in front of us on the airplane.





Friendship Tour Day 12 (Zhouzhuang, a water city)

Zhouzhuang concentrates the beauty of China’s water townships. Small bridges over running streams, black roofs above white walls, crisscrossing water lanes, fragrant flowers, and gondola like boats.  A dream come true, and only a 90 minute drive from Shanghai.

The pictures say it all.

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 029

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 030

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 031

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 034

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 035

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 040

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 045

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 043

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 044

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 048

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 049

Shikumen, Zhouzhuang 053

“Up in Heaven is paradise, down on earth is Hangzhou ( a city with a lake and beautiful scenery), and in between is Zhouzhuang.” This popular saying reveals the unique charm of the place.

Tomorrow morning we fly back to Beijing for our last day together :(

Friendship Tour Day 11 (Seeing the real Shanghai)

Today was a new experience in Shanghai for Mark and I as were took in a few new sites in the city.

First a ride on the super clean efficient subway.

Shanghai 002

We started with a walk down Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway (the big shopping street).

Shanghai 004

Took in some free entertainment on the walk down the mall street.

Shanghai 005

Connie and Lorie were dancing up a storm in the crowd :)

Then on to the Bund to see the famous Shanghai skyline. The tall building is the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Shanghai 007

Yes, Mark really did come to Shanghai with us.

Shanghai 008

We crossed under the river to see the sites on the Pudong side.

Shanghai 011

Up to the top of the Jinmao Tower (88th floor) to see the view of the city. I am standing by the model of the cool building.

Shanghai 013

We had a late lunch at McDonald’s so Connie and Lorie could experience the Chinese version of a hamburger which they enjoyed.  Still not full we ate an early dinner at the city’s most famous dumplings restaurant.

Shanghai 014

Ready for a new experience, you suck the hot  crab roe soup up a straw out of the noodle. Mark has waited 4 years to try this dish since we didn’t get a chance last time. He was not disappointed.

Shanghai 016

After all that food we decided a walk in the Shanghai Longtangs would help with the digestion of the delicious meal.

In Beijing they’re called hutongs (we rode around in the rickshaws), but here the tightly packed alleyways are called longtangs. The buildings are taller, with 2 or 3 stories. It was absolutely amazing to see how narrow the streets are between the buildings.

Shanghai 017

Shanghai 021

Shanghai 022

Mark and I found a treasure which was painted by the man in the black and white shirt.

Shanghai 020

Mark found the painting while we were watching this little girl practice her instrument across the street.

Shanghai 018

Totally fascinating to watch her practice on the street amongst all the poeple, cars, bikes, scooters.

I just loved, loved walking down the narrow little streets.

Then off to the Bund to sit for an hour and watch the lights of the city brighten the darkening sky.

Shanghai 023

Another stupendous day of traveling, and great weather. Each day I remind my friends how fortunate we have been with the weather. Suppose to be nice again tomorrow and then rain for the next 5 days after we leave.

When we were ready to leave the subway line was closed? so we were able to experience a ride in a Shanghai taxi. We are all getting used to being wild and carefree in the backseat without our seat belts!!!!

Tomorrow morning we actually have some free time as we are going on a planned tour in the afternoon to Zhou Zhuang a picturesque old water village to have a ride in the gondola like boat.

Friendship Tour day 9 and 10 (Changzhi, Shanghai)

We just got back to the hotel after being gone for 13 hours to the World Expo so we are tired.

I just can’t get over how lucky we have been on the whole trip and today was another great example. The weather was perfect for being outside all day and standing in long lines. Cloudy, with a temp around 80 so no complaints from us.

We were told to expect to tour 5 pavilions as we might have to wait in lines for over 2 hours to enter the pavilions. I am proud to say that we toured 10 countries and our longest wait was to enter Thailand and that was only a 45 minute wait.

We saved the best to last when we saw the US. pavilion. We also really liked Thailand and thought Canada had the best souvenirs. (Or at-least I thought it did)

so just a few pics before I go to bed.


Expo 002

Expo 006


Expo 003

Expo 004


Expo 014

We all loved it and wish we could spend a few more days touring all the countries. The crowds were so much smaller than we were expecting.

Tomorrow we will tour around Shanghai.