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The little elephants put on a show!

After we had a ride on the big elephants we were able to view the talents of the young elephants.

This 8 year old elephant did a great job painting.

Phuket Thailand 140

How fun to watch!

I was thrilled to buy one of her originals for $15.00.

Phuket Thailand 243

They also played some soccer.

Phuket Thailand 138

Look at the talent of these young elephants.  Brought back memories of  teaching my students to play an instrument and dance.

Phuket Thailand 145

It felt wild and wonderful standing this close to feel their breath.

My feet have never felt so good!!

Over the last 5 days my feet have received some tender pampering of which they are all a first time happening.

First a pedicure in Beijing to get Glitter Toes for the summer. This photo overlooking the pool and the ocean.


Boy, do they sparkle under the sun.


Always up for an adventure, I had to talk Mark into trying this one.


Why? you ask, do I want to have fish nibble on my toes!      Extraordinary… Refresheshing….Exfoliating…. Relaxing…


Fisho Treatment using only the genuine doctor fish consist of the following procedures:

1.Body cleaning-exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells.) Note: this method is not painful because fishes have no teeth.

2. Micro -massage  (which reaches the deepest skin layers while improving blood circulation, thus the skin is better supplied with the oxygen, and as the outcome it becomes smoother and softer)


What a tickling sensation to my tender tootsies!!!  Words cannot fully describe the nibbling feeling.

And today, we had a Thai body massage out near the ocean. It had just finished raining so a cool breeze flowed the whole time we had the massage. In addition to massaging  they stretch and bend your legs which felt wonderful.


My feet and my body say “Thankyou” or “Kob Khun Ka” in Thai. I learned a couple words :)

I am sad to leave Thailand,as it has been a wonderful relaxing vacation. I have a feeling we will come back.

Snorkeling in the Phi Phi Islands

Today it rained and rained and rained, but we were in our swimsuits so a good day for it to rain.

We boarded a boat to go out to the islands and made the wrong decision by sitting at the back, because the water just rolled off the canvas roof right into Mark and my lap and face. It wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t covered ourselves with sunscreen that stung our eyes when the water dripped down our foreheads. Oh well, at least it was warm outside.

We made our first stop at Maya Bay where the movie “Beach” was filmed a few years ago. The sun came out.


Look at that dark sky behind the mountains.


Everything was so green!



The water was warm to snorkel in which felt so good in contrast to the cool rain. There were small fish everywhere and when we held a piece of bread  underwater in our hands they just swarmed around us. I have never been that close to the fish but when they started to nibble a little too much on my hand, I let the bread go.  So, probably the most fish I have seen but because of the inclement weather the water was not really clear.


This is a cave where swallows build their bird nests, which are collected and sold to make the famous expensive Chinese bird’s nest soup.


We then stopped at monkey bay to feed the monkeys bananas.  We did not get out of the boat as they are not the friendliest animals to visit.


We were not able to stop at the last beach because of the rain, but all in all a fun day.

I am still planning on showing the elephant painting in a couple days.

Riding an elephant in Phuket Thailand

Today I realized a dream as I rode on an elephant for the first time in my life. This took place on a mountain side in Phuket Thailand where Mark and I are spending a few day to relax.


It was a little scary at first as I didn’t realize we would be around 10 feet off the ground.  It isn’t what you call a smooth ride with the elephant swaying from side to side.


We were lucky to get the biggest female elephant out of 22 at the Siam Safari! How could I not love her with the name of Watermelon.


You can see how much taller she stands compared to the one beside her.


Her trunk was enormous.



She worked up quite an appetite after our 40 minute trek around the park, so she devoured all the fruit so quickly that I could hardly hand it to her fast enough. Some of the fruit  she ate was watermelon, bananas, and pineapple.


Since we were up in the mountains the weather was pleasant, so a very enjoyable day.

Wait till you see the picture I purchased that the baby elephant painted :)