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The blue homes in the Maritimes!

I was amazed with all the blue homes we saw on our trip. I was then on a quest to take pictures of all of them. Laura had  to make a few quick stops.

PEI 003

PEI 020

PEI 021

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 014

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 044

Look at this purple building!

PEI 001

It brought back lots of childhood memories seeing all the laundry hanging on the clotheslines.

PEI 011

PEI 017

PEI is the place to see potato being grown.

PEI 014

Loved the red soil.

PEI 015

O Canada!!!

I loved seeing all the patriotic homes on our journey in Nova Scotia and PEI displaying the Canadian maple leaf flag.

PEI 012

on the Halifax bridge

PEI 026

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 004

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 048

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 051

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 050

you can tell the wind was blowing

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 001

I loved the colorful mailboxes.

Citadel 010

Canadian tic tac toe

Digby, whale watching 009

Mouth watering Canadian food

Laura and I enjoyed delicious seafood everyday.

deep fried haddock fish and chips


soft shell clams


PEI mussels (the best)


You can’t go to Canada and not eat a Harvey’s Hamburger. Laura and I had to plug the address into our GPS to find this restaurant. It was worth the longer drive.


It truly is a “beautiful thing.”


poutine, french fries with gravy and melted cheese curds


Have you ever heard of chocolate covered PEI potato chips?




We purchased this special treat along with a bottle of raspberry cordial at Anne of Green Gables. The chips are delicious !!!!


a seafood dish with lobster mashed potatoes. Yum Yum


fresh Atlantic salmon


the best strawberry shortcake


salty PEI potato chips


How much weight do you think we each gained??

Canadian Inventions

While at Peggy’s Cove we saw this bus.

Peggy's Cove 013

Look! what Canadian’s have invented!!

Peggy's Cove 010

trivial pursuit, energizer battery, poutine, wonder bra, lacrosse, birch bark canoe,

Peggy's Cove 012

goalie mask, 5 pin bowling, instant potatoes, electron microscope

Peggy's Cove 011

Canadians are great!!!

Peggy’s Cove, Digby, Nova Scotia

Laura and I took the half hour drive to see Peggy’s Cove.

Peggy's Cove 004

It was a perfect day to walk on the rocks with the blue sky and cool temperature.

Peggy's Cove 002

Great to hear the bagpipes playing while we hiked around.

Peggy's Cove 003

I only tripped once and nearly landed in the only muddy puddle there. Laura was amazed to see my fancy footwork that saved my white shoes.

Peggy's Cove 005

I visited her over 30 years ago with my mom and dad, so great to see it again with Laura.

Peggy's Cove 009

We then took the 3 hour drive to the other side of the island to a quaint little town called Digby.

Digby 006

Needless to say, last night we went out for scallops.

Digby 001

Pan seared, wrapped in bacon, and fried. Delicious!!

Digby 004

The haddock, and deep fried clams were mouth watering. To top it off we had fresh rhubarb pie. Laura and I could hardly walk out of the restaruant.

Today we are off to go whale watching. Hope I have some great photos to show.

Joan and Laura visit the Citadel in Halifax

The Halifax Citadel endures as a gateway to Canada’s military heritage and passage to nationhood. It is a 19th-century fortification with steep masonry walls surrounded by a ditch up to 9 meters deep.

Citadel 013

Even though it was a rainy day we enjoyed the tour. Actually a nice treat from the hot weather in Utah.

Citadel 011

Once the command post and landward bastion of Halifax’s defenses, the Citadel stands watch as it has done since the city was the principal British naval station in North America.

We had a cute little tour guide (not as cute as Oscar), and it was so wonderful to hear it all in English.

Citadel 014

We learned that the Citadel was never attacked because of the location on a hill and the ditches they built for protection of the wall.

Citadel 020

The Citadel’s tall masts were used for communication, to the people in Halifax.

Citadel 024

Laura made a friend and was asked if she was still in high school!!!!!

Citadel 023

Laura and I were able to take in the wonderful sights and sounds of our educational day.

Citadel 003