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Laura and Joan have a “whale” of a day

Laura and I went whale watching.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 001

We missed the ferry boat so we were able to walk around the island to explore.

Digby, whale watching 005

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 003

We then were able to suit up for the 10 person  zodiac ride to get up close to the whales. Don’t we look cute. Needless to say we did not get cold on the over 2 hour ride.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 007

Our zodiac.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 031

It was a thrilling exciting ride to spot a Humpback whale and then follow it. It reminded me of the storm tracker shows when they see a storm and they just take off chasing it. We were on a boat with a German family with a couple young children who were great at spotting the whales off in the distance and off we would go to get closer.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 009

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 025

Laura and I were happy to sit at the back, so we did not get very wet.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 016

Every time we were able to get close, we were filled with anticipation to see when the whale would surface and if we would see the tail.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 021

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 026

A totally exciting day.

Today, we went “tidal wave rafting” which is the most exciting activity that I have done in years. Totally  out of my comfort zone, but what an experience. Since we were thrown around in the water we had to buy a waterproof disposable camera. Laura was the photographer as I never let go of the rope along the side of the  zodiac.  My hands are still sore. Will show pictures when we get them developed. I will tell you that we were rafting on 10 foot high waves. Today we both got soaked.