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The blue homes in the Maritimes!

I was amazed with all the blue homes we saw on our trip. I was then on a quest to take pictures of all of them. Laura had  to make a few quick stops.

PEI 003

PEI 020

PEI 021

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 014

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 044

Look at this purple building!

PEI 001

It brought back lots of childhood memories seeing all the laundry hanging on the clotheslines.

PEI 011

PEI 017

PEI is the place to see potato being grown.

PEI 014

Loved the red soil.

PEI 015

O Canada!!!

I loved seeing all the patriotic homes on our journey in Nova Scotia and PEI displaying the Canadian maple leaf flag.

PEI 012

on the Halifax bridge

PEI 026

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 004

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 048

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 051

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 050

you can tell the wind was blowing

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 001

I loved the colorful mailboxes.

Citadel 010

Canadian tic tac toe

Digby, whale watching 009

The wedding of Dave and Johanna

It was a wonderful special day for Laura and I to attend the wedding. A number of years since I had attended a Catholic wedding so it was very special for me.

Johanna had both her mom and dad walk her down the aisle.

wedding (Laura's) 005

the stained glass windows were beautiful

wedding 002

wedding (Laura's) 006

the happy married couple

wedding (Laura's) 018

I loved all the music but found the last song very special for the Irish Catholics  in PEI.

Laura’s friends from university in Canada.

wedding (Laura's) 027

The reception started with seafood chowder (delicious).

wedding (Laura's) 032

the tables were decorated with candles and sea glass

wedding (Laura's) 035

a purple wedding cake

wedding (Laura's) 031

Johanna, Dave, Laura, Joan

wedding (Laura's) 046

Laura and her friends danced all night.

wedding (Laura's) 070

At the end of the evening the bride tossed the bouquet. Laura was not the lucky single woman to catch it.

wedding (Laura's) 095

The whole day was wonderful. Now I am really excited for Patricia’s special day at the end of the month.

Mouth watering Canadian food

Laura and I enjoyed delicious seafood everyday.

deep fried haddock fish and chips


soft shell clams


PEI mussels (the best)


You can’t go to Canada and not eat a Harvey’s Hamburger. Laura and I had to plug the address into our GPS to find this restaurant. It was worth the longer drive.


It truly is a “beautiful thing.”


poutine, french fries with gravy and melted cheese curds


Have you ever heard of chocolate covered PEI potato chips?




We purchased this special treat along with a bottle of raspberry cordial at Anne of Green Gables. The chips are delicious !!!!


a seafood dish with lobster mashed potatoes. Yum Yum


fresh Atlantic salmon


the best strawberry shortcake


salty PEI potato chips


How much weight do you think we each gained??

A day at the beach, a lobster supper

The morning started out very early at the beach.

Michelle, Laura, and me

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 009

a real live starfish on the beach

the beach PEI 001

a crab

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 018

Brandon ( Michelle’s son) at the beach. The water was very cold which didn’t seem to bother Brandon (a real Canadian) but all the mosquitoes on the beach go to us.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 021

Laura and I were enchanted with this art work ( “Glass on Glass” Mosaic artwork created in reclaimed windows and rustic frames) while in Halifax so Laura bought a picture  with towels on a clothesline.

We read  the artwork was produced in PEI, and were thrilled when we walked into this store to find the artist present. I fell in love with this picture, as truly reminiscent of Canada with clothes hanging on the wash-line. I have tried to take picutres of clotheslines while driving, but this will be a great remembrance of our trip.

the beach PEI 008

Maria, Laura, and I at the beach at night. Sooooooooooooo many mosquitoes out that were hungry. Laura and I are itching our bodies from all the  bites. I can’t remember the last time I was smothered with so many mosquitoes.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 005

Church lobster suppers are very popular here.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 031

This church has offered this supper for the last 40 years. It was great sitting in the basement of this church for the feast.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 032

It included 5 courses. Seafood chowder, mussels, salad, lobster,PEI  potato salad or baked potato , rolls, strawberry shortcake, and a drink. Luckily they had already cracked the shell so it was easy to eat. It was delicious!!!

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 030

Our group included some of Laura’s friends from Ontario.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 028

I should have mentioned that the reason we are visiting the Maritime provinces is for a wedding that we will attend this afternoon. Remember Laura lived in Ontario Canada for 6 years to attend university and then to work. Dave a friend from school is getting married to a girl who is from PEI so hence the wedding is here. It has been over 12 years since I attended a Catholic wedding so I am looking forward to this special day. It has been a reunion of sorts for Laura to see old friends again. I am really enjoying hearing all the Canadian accents.

Relaxing day at Avonlea

After all the excitement of the last few days, Laura and I decided to have a stress free time for our first  day in Prince Edward Island. Yesterday we took the ferry boat over here which was quite relaxing for the 75 minute ride. I enjoyed a MOO ice-cream cone and took advantage of the time to have a rest.

River rafting (Laura's dinner) 003

So, today we took a drive across the island to Avonlea the village of Anne of Green Gables.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 016

Boy, I wish I could dress like this everyday!!

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 022

Wish I had long hair like this!! Laura wishes she had a hat like this one!! (True)

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 019

This little school house brought back memories of teaching.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 029

Laura had lovely memories of being a student.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 032

This was the original school house where the author of the book taught school.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 030