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Simon expereinces life in Utah

Simon has fallen in love  with Utah.

1. Loved the shopping. It didn’t hurt that all the stores were having their big summer clearance sale. His favourite- shoes from Dillard’s, clothes from the Gap.

2. Loved the blue sky and the mountains.

3. Loved riding in a car  (even with the construction) as so many fewer cars than in China.

4. Loved all the food, my homemade potato salad, orange juice, cereal with milk, hamburgers, salads, beef brisket, french onion soup, baked trout, tacos, Hawaiian shaved ice, scones, dressing, chicken fried steak, strawberry milkshake—— all a first for Simon.

5. Loved the clean air.

6. Loved riding on a jet ski. Wish the weather could have been warmer.

7. Loved Moab, 4 wheeeling, hiking, seeing the sights.

Orange juice, and scones covered with honey-butter.


Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, and stuffing


French onion soup


Fresh fried Trout


Simon at Jordanelle Reservoir (Our usual Wayment luck, as the boat would not run. Luckily we rented a jet ski.)


Simon and Sam

wedding,opening gifts,  boating, 135

Dead Horse Point in Moab

Moab 003

Matt, Joan, Simon

Moab 005

The whole group

Moab 062

Simon at Arches Park


Our 4 wheeling hummer

Moab 046

Ready for a thrilling ride

Moab 038

It was exciting!


Going up and down the hillsides


Simon could not leave Utah without enjoying a Hawaiian shaved ice cream cone

Moab 075

I am so glad that Simon was able to come for Patricia and Tom’s wedding. He had such a great time here that he hopes to return again soon…