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Thanksgiving dinner

We had a delicious dinner at Laura’s home. Matt and Erin made some jalapeño hush puppies.

They were delicious.

Uncle Tom had Westie laughing his head off.

It was fun for Laura to use her good china.

Westie had fun with Auntie Trish.

Uncle Matt got his exercise playing with Westie.

A wonderful day for all of us. We missed Mark, but am happy he will be home for Christams.

Keeping busy with Westie

On Saturday we enjoyed eating at Trish and Tom’s home. Here is Westie with Uncle Tom.

Bowser enjoyed getting to know Westie. Uncle Matt and Erin enjoyed his smiles.

Matt’s company designed an app to put mustaches on people for men’s cancer awareness month for a local TV station.

So fun to do this. His company did it for free to get publicity.


Uncle Matt came for a visit

Uncle Matt came over for a visit with Weston.

Laura and I were very happy with the dinner he brought for us. Laura had not eaten chili for the 9 months of pregnancy, so she was happy.


Time to go home

Matt and I flew home last week, to visit mom and dad since they are getting old.
We had a fun time visiting with lots of relatives.

Mom got her Mother’s Day gift early since we were there.

We were able to visit Theresa at school which was nice to see.

Mom had a great time sharing family history with Andrew, Jamie and Matt.

Matt and I had a chance to visit with Jamie’s cat Ally. I think she was ready to come home with us.

Since there was not a Purdy’s candy store near by we had to stock up with other Canadian chocolate.

I liked this pic of mom with Jamie and Matt.


Kinder chocolate

The whole family was together on the weekend, so we let Matt open the Kinder egg.

A nice chocolate shell around the plastic egg


A cute little coin flip game inside.

When I read the fine print, I could see why they are not sold in the US. They don’t want little children chocking on the small parts.

A fun delicious surprise.

Happy Easter

It has been a few years since Mark and I spent Easter here at home. We had a great day with the kids.
Laura came to church with us.

Mark and Laura

I finally got to wear this suit that I had made in Thailand.

Trish and Tom enjoyed coloring eggs.

Matt, Jonathan, and Laura enjoyed their Easter bowls.

The kids gave me these flower bulbs. I will enjoy watching them grow.

Next year we will have a little grandson to join in the fun.


Two year anniversary

Two years ago today I became an American citizen.

Matt and I travelled to Toronto Canada to visit the American Embassy, for the second time for me.

It was a truly amazing, unforgettable day when I raised my right hand to take the oath.
We then went for lunch to celebrate.

The best part was being able to retain my Canadian citizenship, so I call myself a dually.

International Woman’s Day

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In Mongolia International Woman’s Day is a official public holiday.

Mongolians celebrates this day within the family. Men give thanks for all women especially for their mother and wife. This day all men cook in their home for women. TV channels show especial programs during this day.
I enjoyed being in Mongolia for the holiday. At our apartment each woman was given a rose. It was taped on our front door.
My rose is still looking nice after a few days.
rose in vase
I would like to wish my dear mother a Happy birthday as it is also on the 8th of March, and a belated birthday wish to my favorite son Matt.
joans_ipad 160

Having fun at home

Since getting home I have been keeping busy with my lovely family.
Thanks mom for the early Canadian treats.

I got a fun Christmas pedicure.

Bowser is excited about Christmas also.

Bowser and Peach are getting along great.

We had a great time celebrating my birthday.

Now to get busy with my Christmas cards and shopping.

Summer is over!

As I pack up to leave Beijing, I am reminiscing about my fun filled family travels that I took this summer. I will show a few of my favorite pics.

Matt and I had a great time exploring Dallas. A dream come true to tour the stadium, and one trip we will remember for ever.

We also had a wonderful time in Denver for Taylor’s graduation.


I had such a busy traveling summer with so many wonderful family memories.
I am thrilled that WordPress finally fixed their problems, so my blog is once again functioning on my iPad. Life is good.