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Busy days in Bangkok

I have been keeping very busy while in Bangkok. Tried a new funky style on my nails.

Yesterday I was a tourist seeing some sights in Bangkok with my Thai friend Mod who I met while on my trip on Mongolia.
She took me down to the river, which was pretty high this time of year.


We visited a few temples to see the golden Buddha statutes.

This Buddha was discovered after the plaster was chipped away.

I learned there are three important items at each temple. Candles, incense, and marigold flowers.

We tried these tasty treats.

Delicious coconut light colored ones, along with the orange salmon ones.

It was interesting to watch this lady do a one woman show with carrying her supplies and then mixing them up.

We went to China town, and were able to see a parade to celebrate vegetarian week.

In the evening we toured the bustling flower market, to see aisles of marigold flowers.

Also lots of orchids.

Mod bought me some gardenias to enjoy for our last couple days here.


Today I was a tour guide as I showed a couple of Mark’s Mongolian co-workers around Bangkok. My first time going alone on the sky train, and I managed to show them 3 malls. I treated myself to some banana toast afterwards.

I have been so busy, that I am ready for a vacation.

Having fun in Bangkok

Mark and I arrived in Bangkok and we are enjoying the nice warm weather here. We went to the weekend market and I enjoyed some coconut ice cream.

Traditional toppings of sticky rice and peanuts.

For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant to eat the delicious Thai chicken wings. The asparagus soup was also tasty.

This morning I tried the green Pandan pancakes. Pandan is a plant that grows in tropical areas in Asia. They have a sweet unique flavor and are used to enhance the flavor of desserts and savory food.

I am getting lots of exercise climbing the steps for all the overpasses. Fun to watch all the motorcycles make their way to the front and then take off.

I love to see all the colorful taxis, green, yellow, pink, blue, red.


A Thai cooking lesson

Lat night a few of Mark’s co-workers came over to teach Mark how to make some of our favorite dishes.
These 3 guys did a great job.

Interesting to watch him grind the peppers.

Mark and I enjoyed visiting with his co-workers that we knew in China.

I met 2 Chinese consultants who also enjoyed the food.

We said goodbye to one of Mark’s co-workers.

It was great to see all the men cooking.

Adul in the beige sweater is the BEST cook.

A couple Canadian consultants were also lucky to enjoy the feast.

A great evening for companionship and delicious food for all of us foreigners.

Lunch with Thai co-workers

This afternoon we invited 14 of Mark’s Thai co-workers over for an American lunch.

Mark barbecued some pork chops, and steak which they enjoyed.

They also liked the mashed potatoes, and fresh salad.

Mark has a new American co-worker, so it was great to have Dennis along with his wife Rhonda come over.

Everyone enjoyed the sweet chocolate cake, and peanut butter fudge.


Friends for lunch

Today Mark and I had his Thai co-workers over for lunch. They were all interested in learning how to make eggs benedict.


Bralee was very excited to learn how to make icing.

She was also thrilled to put all the icing on the cake.

The cake along with the icing were delicious.
The root beer that Mark and I made was a huge hit. Especially with the drivers.

Luckily we had 2 tables to seat everyone.


Mark and I had a gift to give Vimol as she is leaving this week to go back to Bangkok Thailand.
On Mark’s left hand side is his boss, Amarit.

So now the Thais break the record for the most foreingers over for a dinner. We will have to see if the Indians can beat it when we go back home.
A very fun afternoon.


Sweet treats from Thailand

Yesterday Mark brought home these treats from his Thai boss. We were not sure what was inside.



We were pleasantly surprised to find the nice fresh strawberry inside surrounded by a green tea filling and a nut flavoring.


We found out that they only make them for a couple weeks a year, so we were lucky that a Thai person was visiting Mongolia this week.

Tea party

I finally have a place to display my tea sets. The fish set, along with the jade tea set are from China.
The pewter sets are from Thailand.

Perhaps I can have a tea party with my future grandchildren.

Tailor on Ten

Mark decided he would like to have a couple suits, and shirts made on this trip to Bangkok, so I figured I would get in on the adventure.
He found the company Tailor on Ten which is owned by a couple Canadian brothers, and has been in business for a few years. Turns out their shop was just a 20 minute walk from our hotel which came in handy as we had to go for 4 fittings.
We were both thrilled with the results.
Tailor who has been sewing for 16 years, as he started when he was 14. Mark Ben

I picked the blue seersucker material which was a first for them to use in a suit, as usually just used in shirts.
We were all thrilled with the results.

A blue wool for the other suit.

Finished off with a monogram on the jacket.

Mark and I are very pleased with our new wardrobe.

New airplane

Yesterday Mark and I were able to fly on the new Airbus 380 super-jumbo Thai aircraft with two floors.

It holds 507 passengers and this was the second day in use from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

The enormous plane is being used for short term bedding flights to train the crews for longer international flights.

The flight was so smooth and quiet.

The food was good,

and the dessert was tasty.

I think Mark enjoyed the flight a little more than I did.

The food the food!

We have been having a great time eating. First in Bangkok and now in Beijing. This picture was taken outside the restaurant with an open cooking area.

The selection of seafood was amazing.


We arrived in Beijing with no food in the fridge since I had been gone for a few months, so a stop at a local restaurant was in order.

We went out for traditional Chinese noodles, along with Mark’s favorite cucumber dish.


These three cleaned up their bowls.






We have been going non stop, so many more pictures to come.