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It felt great to get back to Pilates after a couple months off. I love working with the inflated balls.



Our regular group. My neighbor Lena to my right.

Now, time for my bowl of ice cream.

The bike ride of a lifetime!

“Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” That’s a quote by famous American writer Mark Twain. I recently read an article in the China Daily that listed the top ten places to ride a bike in China. Beijing was on the list as most roads have designated cycling paths, which doesn’t stop the cars, motorcycles, buses, but it helps.
“If there is only one place city folks have time for, it should be Yangshuo, a small rustic city surrounded by scenic mountains and rivers. The best way to see the precinct is by cycling along the country roads.” (The China Daily)
We did just that, and it was beautiful.


After the short ride in the city, it was wonderful to get out to the countryside. We rode along paths by the river, and into little villages.


I had to stop and take this photo of all the toothbrushes in the open window. (Probably not the cleanest place for the brushes, so close to the dirt road.)


Above the front door, is a mirror to frighten the ghosts away, and also a scissors, something sharp to hurt a ghost.


We stopped at this women’s home where a few us of purchased the small fresh flower wreath for 30 cents. (2RMB)

She is wearing a rain coat that she made from palms from a palm tree, and she said it was waterproof.


The flower people


Our wonderful tour guides, Rebecca (upfront from Beijing), Lily from Guilin.


In her back room we were shown her coffin. I learned that in the country when you are around 60 years old a coffin is made to your specifications, and is just stored in one of the rooms.


Proof that I was riding a bike.


Interesting sign along the roadside.


We would just park our bike along the road to stop and see the homes.


The whole group

Yangshuo groupThis concludes my wonderful trip to southern China.

A morning with the pool to myself

This morning I went for a swim at 8:30 and loved being the only one in the pool for a whole hour. One of the workers told me that the water was a little cold (in Chinese) and I understood her. Not cold at all compared to some of the pools I have been in. Here is a small tour of the facility.

The locker room


Kind of cool how half the locker is taller to hang your coat.


The showers with curtains


The lap pool


The other side of the pool facing the mall.


The children’ s pool.


Maybe a nice place to hang out on a sunny day!!


Our new “jian shen fang”

Last week Mark and I joined a “jian shen fang”. The English word is gym so a lot more difficult to say. I get a work out just trying to say it all.

Actually I plan on “you yong” swimming which is much easier to say as sounds like “yo yo”.


The gym was closed for the last 5 days for the holiday so we are ready to go tomorrow. It is a 15 minute walk from our apartment which works out okay. In the basement is a very nice western grocery store, on the main floor is “Fat Burger” which makes the best burgers, and on the second floor is my favorite Italian Restaurant. Going to be lots of temptations swirling threw my mind while I am  swimming my laps.

Update on my class: I learned how to say I am going shopping. “mai dong xi”

Also learned how to say birthday “sheng ri”, so today I would like to wish my dear son Matthew a “sheng ri kuai le”.  (Happy Birthday) Thanks for being a wonderful son and being such a big part of my life. You bring smiles, cheerful laughs, and funny texts to my sometimes mundane life. Xie Xie (Thanks)

Jeremy's wedding 17

Exercise and Sweets

This morning I went for a walk or should I say a climb near Laura’s home.


This was to burn off the calories that I consumed over the weekend from all the sweets we bought at our church Christmas Bazaar.


The best coconut custard filled cupcakes, peanut brittle, chocolate covered pretzels,mini peanut butter cupcakes, pecan butter cookies, peppermint bark. I think I will be walking/hiking all week.

Courteous drivers!

One of the biggest things I noticed on this trip home is how courteous the drivers in Spanish Fork are to me when I am doing my morning walk. In China when you cross a street the cars never stop and it can be like finding your way thru a maze to make it to the other side. This summer a friend of mine actually got bumped by a side view mirror as she walked across a street.

You can imagine  my amazement when a car would stop for me before I even reached the corner. One of the major roads  I cross was busy so I made it to the middle just planning on waiting when the next car stopped holding up many cars behind. I quickly ran across the street.

Great to be reminded what a great world it can be when rules are followed.

Banana Foster and Jumping Rope!

All of you might wonder what the two above have in common. They were both a first for our Thanksgiving  celebration.

Matt suggested banana foster for dessert as he had made it before, and since I didn’t have any other ideas, we decided it was time for something new. It was delicious!



After the bananas were flambe’ they were put on a scoop of ice cream.


Last week I won a jump rope from a fellow blogger (thanks Ellen), so after eating our scrumptious dessert my kids and I gave it a try to burn some calories. WOW, what a work out. It is suppose to be a great cardio workout, along with toning your entire body. For total fitness, I am suppose to work out 10 minutes 4 times a week. Going to take it to China and hopefully do some daily jumping. It suggests you count up to 200 jumps before you just start timing yourself.


Aren’t I talented to be able to jump sideways!


Now for my workout of cleaning the scuff marks off my wood floor. Probably not the best place to jump, but too cold to go out into the garage.

A special thanks to Matt for staying up late and helping me set new picture sizes for my blog.