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Picture frames

I purchased a couple pics from the eagle festival and camel polo.

Mark and I tried to get them framed on Saturday but the place was closed, so Saruul and I went yesterday. He did a great job picking the mats and frames.


He also got out his calculator to add it up to make sure I was being charged the correct amount.

He picked them up after one day, and $80.00 for all three.


They are beautiful.
Also decided to get my Mongolian script of “I love you” framed. At the framing store they were able to read it, which pleased me.

Now to decide where we shall hang them.

I love you in Mongolian

Today I learned how to write “I love you” in Mongolian script. I thought it might be short, but as you can see it wasn’t. I tend to do to many curves, I think a result of doing Chinese calligraphy.

I will be ready for Valentine’s Day.

Aprons for decoration

I like these aprons so much that I don’t know if I want to wear them or just display them.
This one is from South Korea

This brown one is from Japan.

Wearable art!

Letter from mom!

My mom’s letter finally arrived. It took over 2 months to get here, but I am just glad that it arrived.

I am so thankful for the the Internet as I can’t imagine waiting 2 months to see pictures of my family.
Thanks mom, for keeping me up to date with family pictures.

Keeping warm

Xieman gave me a very thoughtful gift to keep me warm in Mongolia.

You just plug it in for 10 minutes and it will stay warm from 2 to 8 hours.

You can put your hands inside or as the package says warm feet, warm sleep. I have tried it out, and it really gets warm.
Xieman knows I like the color red.
Thanks Xieman

Fresh air in our apartment

When Mark and I looked at this apartment I noticed this small appliance above each bed. I learned they are part of the oxygen concentrator system that provides a constant flow of oxygen without storage or handling of oxygen cylinders.


Should be helpful when the smoggy winter weather sets in.

Super find of the day!

Yesterday Mark and I went for a walk and stopped at the biggest grocery store near us.
These almonds in white chocolate with cinnamon looked interesting so I picked up a package, and ate some on the way home.
Delicious!! I am going to go back and buy more.

Product of Poland.

Swim time- not yet

This morning I walked over to the pool since I know the water is warm and I want to get into a daily routine. The last time I went it was on the weekend when the office staff were not working. This morning I was stopped and asked to produce my membership card of which I don’t have one.
I also learned I needed a medical checkup to be able to use the pool.
I was given the following form which needs to be filled out by a doctor, so I guess another new medical experience for me.

On my way home I met this little guy making his way down the street eating his fill for breakfast.


There were actually two of them.


I decided to continue my walk and so did he.


My last couple days in Beijing

I have been keeping busy the last couple days visiting, shopping and just preparing myself for the move.

Out for dinner at my favorite Japanese Restaurant. Vera (manager) Elizabeth and Liz.

Beijing moving friends 034

The place has just been completely remodeled, with Vera painted on the wall.

Beijing moving friends 038

Today a little carpet shopping

Beijing moving friends 043

We saw these pottery plates that are chiseled first and then painted. Quite a remarkable resemblance to the individuals.

Beijing moving friends 040

President Obama

Beijing moving friends 042

Goodbye to Ella.

Beijing moving friends 047

Xieman is coming to spend the night with me, so we both can be up at 5:00am. for my early departure.

Here I come Mongolia.

What I will miss in Beijing.

This I will NOT miss!

Beijing moving friends 002

I will miss these employees from my apartment.

Beijing moving friends 006

Grace just returned to work after having her son, a few months ago. She used to come up to my apartment and tutor me with my Chinese.

Beijing moving friends 011

I enjoyed teaching Nicole some English.

Beijing moving friends 012

And of course Xieman (my cleaning girl and dear friend) who insists on coming to the airport with me on Thursday at 6:00 to see me off.

Beijing moving friends 008

We went out for lunch and enjoyed this delicious fish which I will miss.

Beijing moving friends 026

This is just to name a few things.