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Little KeKe

Yesterday I was able to visit with Susan, her husband and little KeKe. She is a cutie.


She is almost 6 months old, and it felt so good holding a baby again.


Look at this proud daddy.


According to Chinese tradition KeKe will wear these red (for happiness and good-luck)  bracelets up until her first birthday. The silver bells are tied on her wrists to  keep away the bad spirits, and keep her healthy.


Susan, I wish you the best with your happy family.


Mark and I enjoyed our visit to Changzhi, as we were able to visit old friends, and do a little shopping. The two things I was quickly reminded of was being stared at once again, and the noisy streets with all the honking horns when we tried to sleep.

I would like to with everyone a Happy Easter!     Wan sheng jie kuai le!

Mark and I are back in Beijing, so we still haven’t made plans for the day except we will start with the Easter Celebration at church.