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Tea party

I finally have a place to display my tea sets. The fish set, along with the jade tea set are from China.
The pewter sets are from Thailand.

Perhaps I can have a tea party with my future grandchildren.

My new humidifier

A friend was leaving Mongolia so she gave me her old humidifier. I fell in love with it when I saw it, and think of Laura daily when I use it.


It is so dry here that I run 2 of them every night.

Broken vases

I just about have all the boxes unpacked, so I am feeling good about that. Mark, the movers and I were shocked to find all my globe vases cracked throughout.



They were all packed in their original boxes, and in different bigger boxes, so we were all puzzled. All we can think of was that they froze. They were all gifts to Mark, so going to ask Simon to see if he could guess at a value for the moving company.
So happy nothing happened to my black pottery.
Next week someone will come by to fix a couple wooden legs, that were damaged.
Otherwise everything looks good.


Our belongings have arrived

The day has finally arrived after waiting 3 months.

It will feel like Christmas opening up all the boxes to see what I have forgotten about.

New additions to the apartment

Friday Tom took Mark and I shopping for some lamps for our apartment, and some much needed plants.

I fell in love with this Chinese lamp when I saw it. Tom told us that these pretty birds perch on the branches at the first sign of spring, so should bring us good luck.


Then to the flower shop to purchase some new flowers as most of my previous ones didn’t make it threw the long summer when I was gone. Also the plants should help clean the air in our apartment.


I actually took 6 previously used pots with me, so as Tom and I picked out the plants, they just re-potted them for us. I loved this plant as it looks like leaves were painted on the fern leaf.


While we were shopping, Mark and I had fun practicing our Chinese with the workers, and other interested customers.

Easter chairs!

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday, as Mark and I spent it with Mark and Cathy who came up to Beijing for a few days. We started off with the Easter celebration at church which included lots of signing which was great.

We spent the afternoon strolling around “798” which is an area for artists to display their work, along with over 80 eating establishments. The sun was shining so refreshing to walk around.

We then stopped at one of our local malls and found a store that sells pottery going out of business. As we were looking around, one of the clerks mentioned that they were selling everything, including the furniture for giveaway prices. We liked the two chairs with the center table, and thought it would look great in our front entrance. After a call to Simon to find out about the wood, and a call to David to arrange delivery, we said we would be back in a half hour so they could follow us to our apartment. The store is a half hour walk from our apartment with stairs to climb, and a dirt path to follow. They loaded one chair and the boxes of pottery on a small wagon, while Mark carried the table, and another young man carried one of the chairs which was quite heavy. We walked thru the mall, the parking lot out to the street, and down the sidewalk wondering where the truck was to take our purchases home. We started to wonder when we didn’t see any delivery vehicles, and they were ready to cross a major street. !!!!

Oh no, we told them after we figured out they were planning on all of us carrying the furniture over a mile to our place. We set everything down, and with limited Chinese but lots of sign language we told them that it was not possible to carry everything home. A few phone calls were made, so we just made ourselves comfortable on the street corner.


You can only imagine the stares we got from the passing traffic. Were they wondering if this was a garage sale?


We all got out our cameras, even the workers to take photos of this spectacle.  After 30 minutes, a small old van pulled up to collect our possession, and we  hailed down a cab.


After a little cleaning and polishing, it will be our new treasure.