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A visit to Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is just a 30 minute drive from Las Vegas so a must to see.


All of us in front of the dam.


The dam


The new bridge that was built to bypass the dam. It was suppose to take 5 years to build, but took 7 years to complete at a cost of around 5 billion dollars.


To build the bridge they started on each side and it was joined in the middle.


We decided to take a tour of the dam.


Simon enjoyed walking threw the tunnels.


It was interesting to see the power generator turbines in action.


Inspections are done  regularly to look for cracks in the thick cement walls.


Gerry and I are not to excited seeing the thin cracks in the walls.


We all enjoyed the tour, and managed to survive the 110′ heat. A first for all of us, and as Gerry would say that it felt like walking in front of a blow drier.


A trip to Las Vegas

Last week after Laura’s wedding, Mark and I made a trip to Las Vegas with our dear friends Gerry and Sharon from Canada. We have known them since our McDonald’s days, so we go back many many years. We were also thrilled to bring Simon along for the three day visit. It was Simon’s second trip to Las Vegas and a first for Gerry and Sharon.

We stayed at the Wynn Hotel, a first for all of us.


The lobby was magnificent.


The exterior was spectacular.


Sharon and I loved it all. We took in the Celine Dion show which was truly divine.


All our rooms came with a wonderful view of Las Vegas Blvd.


A walk down the strip was a necessity to see the water show at the Bellagio.


Look at this cool store!


Tomorrow pictures from our trip to the Hoover Dam.

Simon left to go back to China on Sunday, Gerry and Sharon left this morning, so after almost a month of company, Mark and I are just relaxing. We love our company and now enjoying the sounds of silence.