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Happy Thanksgiving

We started the day with a trip to the Salt Lake zoo.


He loved seeing a big Sophie.


Westie said, too much turkey.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I did a little decorating for Thanksgiving. I would like to thank Komal and Rohit for the beautiful table runner from India.

It is wonderful to have a little taste of India in the home.

Happy Thanksgiving

It sure doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving today since Mark and I are just here by ourselves. Mark went into work so I decided to go for a walk as it is just so nice and sunny out. Hard to believe it is 7*F (-14*C) outside. As long as the sun was out and I was walking it just felt nice to be outside.
I walked very carefully aware of the ice, down to the same store to see if I could buy my chips today which took about 25 minutes.
All that was left were 3 bags of Fritos, as the chips and Cheetos were gone. Oh well!

I found a few other treasures.
Mark just called to say he stopped by a grocery store near his office and found the barbecue chips, and Cheetos.
My lucky day.

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday was a day of celebration and appreciation for family, friends, and good food. Mark did a terrific job cooking and carving the turkey.


Matt’s spectacular zucchini corn bread.


This year we managed to squeeze 15 of us around our dining room table. We broke the record of 13 last year. Good thing our friends love the cozy feeling, and love getting their pictures taken.


Our Indian friends outnumbered those born in America at our dinner. For many of them it was their first Thanksgiving in America, so one they will always remember. They let me join in this picture.

P1020113They all enjoyed writing in my memory book, as some wrote a full page. They wrote about their love for living in this great country of ours and are thankful for all that has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am very thankful to be home with Mark, and that our children will come over for the holiday.
I would like to share our Thanksgiving tradition of writing in our journal what we are thankful for during the year. All of our guests also get a chance to write in our book.
I started the book in 2003, but recorded all of our past holidays which we spent all over the US since we moved frequently.

This year Matt has made new friends that attend BYU, and are from India, so we are looking forward to a houseful of friends and family.

I found a piece of Matt’s artwork for Thanksgiving! Oh the memories we are making.
The thought of my future grandchildren reading how we celebrated the holiday each year, fills me with joy.