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More of Beijing

The weather was great in Beijing for Mark and I to walk to do our shopping.

Lunch with Ella and Xieman.

We had a great time shopping.

We just loved being in Beijing, and being able to visit with all of our friends.

Happy Chinese New Year (year of the snake)

Mark and I are in Beijing for the weekend of the Chinese New Year of the snake.
This is the cute little guy that was put on our bed in the hotel.

We went out to celebrate with our friends Mirek and Ella close to the drum tower.

The fireworks at midnight were magnificent. These pics were taken by Mirek.

Today we had lunch with Heidi, that Mark worked with, and I did the volunteer work with her at the migrant school. Finally got to meet her daughter Niu Niu

We had a nice visit.

The vegetarian food was delicious.

So nice to catch up on all the news.

Feels great to be back in Beijing.

Cold weather/ Hot weather

It has been cold in Beijing for the Chinese New Year, but that didn’t stop Mark and I from walking down to the mall to see the light display.

Amazing to see the lights everywhere.


This year they displayed the Smurfs, and it really felt like Disneyland, hearing “It’s a small world after all” played over the loud speakers.


Look at all the beautifully colored leaves! If you look on the pole to the right, you will notice a huge longevity knot hanging near the top. I learned how to make the smaller version.


When we looked closely we could see that as well as decorating the trees with lights, they were decorated with colored leaves. Can you imagine how long that took to wire the leaves to all the trees!


Look how fancy the steps were decorated.


Mark and I flew to Bangkok last night, so felt great to shed the winter coat, for shorts and sandals,


And a banana, mango, pineapple smoothy beside the pool.


Once again in love with the high speed internet!

The hit of the party

Last night Mark and I had a wonderful time welcoming in the new year, with new and old friends. The hit of the party was the delicious dessert prepared by my new friend Elizabeth, which was poached pears, covered in a sweet sauce with a dollop of whip cream. Delicious!


Elizabeth helped me with the jiaozi, which turned out well, considering it was made by cooks from China/America/Poland. Elizabeth has made her fair share of perogies, so she was a pro with the dough.

Elizabeth and husband Mirek, our new friends, who live in our apartment.


Old friends, Michael, John, Mark and Joe


Mark, Matt (fellow Chinese classmate)


Mark and I


Beautiful tulips which were a gift from Joe, with the color chosen to be close to gold for good luck.