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Two year anniversary

Two years ago today I became an American citizen.

Matt and I travelled to Toronto Canada to visit the American Embassy, for the second time for me.

It was a truly amazing, unforgettable day when I raised my right hand to take the oath.
We then went for lunch to celebrate.

The best part was being able to retain my Canadian citizenship, so I call myself a dually.

One year Anniversary

One year ago today, Matt and I made the successful trip to the US Consulate in Canada, to become an American Citizen.

joans_ipad 082

A day that will live in my memory forever.

Mark and I went out for a hamburger for lunch to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Mom, Women’s Day

Happy Birthday to my dear mother. She is a wonderful mother and has helped me so much over the years, especially last year when she spent so much time helping me gain my American citizenship. Next week March 14th, will be my one year celebration. I will never forget that memorable day for the rest of my life. Thanks again mom, for all your help.

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Hope you have a great day.

I recently found out that my mom shares the same day as International Women’s Day, which started in China on March 8, 1924.

Due to the support from the Communistic Party of China, the day has been commemorated each year in China, with activities focused on equal rights at work and at home for women. It is also a holiday, in which the female workforce in China is entitled to half a day off of work. The article I read stated that many women will have to work since they are so busy at work.

I heard from Elizabeth that the holiday is celebrated in Poland, and also learned that it is an official holiday in Mongolia. Interesting these countries used to be communistic.

I liked the following quote from the China Daily Newspaper.

“International Women’s Day to China’s young women is no longer merely a reminder of their rights and equality. Instead, it serves as a reminder that they are also holding up half the sky at home, and in the family.”

(More to follow about Mongolia)