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Princess Peach

Patricia and Tom thought Bowser needed some company during the day, so Princess Peach has joined the family.

It took awhile for Bowser to accept her in the family, but when she finally rested on the lower level he was able to rest.

I love this picture of Princess Peach sticking out her tongue.

A cute happy family.

Yesterday a cow, today a camel

This afternoon Mark and I went for a walk up the mountain behind our apartment. A workout walking up the hill, but when we reached a plateau we found a camp ground and this camel to welcome us.


He was constantly moving so difficult to get a good photo, and really not sure how close to get.


It was so cool to watch him walk as the padding on his feet just squished under him with each step.
I liked this photo with Ulan Bator in the background.


I wonder what the tail means when it is sticking straight out, or up in the air?

Zimbabwe hotel and entertainment

Mark and I are back in the US visiting  his mom in Annapolis Maryland for a couple days. The weather has been beautiful with all the cherry trees in bloom, so it feels like spring has arrived. Edith does not have internet in her home so we have been going to her club house every morning to do our computer work. The speed is amazingly fast compared to China, so happy times for me doing my blog. I have so many pictures and videos from Victoria Falls that I will do that blog after I get home.

Here are some extra pictures from our trip.

Our hotel in Zimbabwe, taken while on the helicopter ride of the falls. Notice the watering hole behind the hotel.


Our room, overlooking the watering hole.


The mosquito netting above the bed, that was lowered in the evening.


The watering hole


The elephants enjoying the watering hole



Our bed with the netting down


One night we went out for a traditional African dinner.


The menu included crocodile tail, which was quite chewy, warthog, impala,


The crocodile tail is the white strip on the left hand side of the plate.


Mark had a traditional Boma drink


Mark learned how to play the bongo drum


We watched the dancers


I got my face painted with an animal native to Africa


What a cute elephant!


Another evening we went on a sunset cruise down the Zambezi River. We were greeted at the river with a dance number by some locals.



On the boat we were entertained with this musical instrument.



We enjoyed the peaceful setting


We saw a few hippos in the water


Unfortunately the clouds set in when the sun was setting


A wonderful ending to an amazing day.

The animals, the animals

Mark and I were able to see animals living in the wild just in front of our eyes.

We went on a three hour game drive (safari) at a smaller park, so we did not find any big herds of animals.



Truly amazing.


It was amazing to watch the giraffes walk so majestically.


Interesting to watch them eat the leaves from the tall trees.


The ostrich foot is very strong and powerful and could cause great pain on impact.


The zebras were just strolling around near our tent.



This elephant walked right out, so without any notice Mark was able to get this picture.


From the tour guide, I learned that the lower jaw of the elephant weighs as much as the whole skull. The elephant in his life will use 6 sets of teeth. They do not grow up out of the jaw like ours, but rather from the back towards your throat to push the old teeth out. Towards the end of the elephants life it will start eating softer food to preserve his last set of teeth, otherwise an early death with out any teeth.

P1020760I found it fascinating to learn about the white and black rhinoceroses, of which we only saw the bones. The white rhino grows larger and lives more in the open fields, while the black one live in the scrub, and thickets.

So for the white rhino babies the mother follows them, because they are easy to see as they roam around. Just as most  white mothers push their babies in a stroller so the mom’s are behind the babies. In the thicket difficult to see, so the babies follow the moms around, just like most black moms carry their babies on their backs. (As told in those words by the guide). I think I will always remember this fact.


This was the only bug that we saw, thank goodness!


Louie and John have done some hunting. From left, springbok, kudzu, water buffalo.


We saw many more animals native to Africa, but from a distance so difficult to get great pictures.

Next Victoria Falls which was breathtaking.