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The bike ride of a lifetime!

“Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” That’s a quote by famous American writer Mark Twain. I recently read an article in the China Daily that listed the top ten places to ride a bike in China. Beijing was on the list as most roads have designated cycling paths, which doesn’t stop the cars, motorcycles, buses, but it helps.
“If there is only one place city folks have time for, it should be Yangshuo, a small rustic city surrounded by scenic mountains and rivers. The best way to see the precinct is by cycling along the country roads.” (The China Daily)
We did just that, and it was beautiful.


After the short ride in the city, it was wonderful to get out to the countryside. We rode along paths by the river, and into little villages.


I had to stop and take this photo of all the toothbrushes in the open window. (Probably not the cleanest place for the brushes, so close to the dirt road.)


Above the front door, is a mirror to frighten the ghosts away, and also a scissors, something sharp to hurt a ghost.


We stopped at this women’s home where a few us of purchased the small fresh flower wreath for 30 cents. (2RMB)

She is wearing a rain coat that she made from palms from a palm tree, and she said it was waterproof.


The flower people


Our wonderful tour guides, Rebecca (upfront from Beijing), Lily from Guilin.


In her back room we were shown her coffin. I learned that in the country when you are around 60 years old a coffin is made to your specifications, and is just stored in one of the rooms.


Proof that I was riding a bike.


Interesting sign along the roadside.


We would just park our bike along the road to stop and see the homes.


The whole group

Yangshuo groupThis concludes my wonderful trip to southern China.

A raft ride down the Li River

Patchara and I decided to purchase a sun hat before getting on the raft.

The river was absolutely stunning.


Many of the raft drivers were having their morning nap!


Patchara asked our driver to sing us a song. He then asked us if we thought the river was beautiful.

It was very interesting to watch the drivers maneuver their rafts under the low bridge.


I enjoyed watching the drivers twirl the long bamboo stalks to move the rafts down the river. The driver asked Patchara where I was  from. (Mei guo, USA)

We could see ahead of us a small waterfall, that the rafts were being pulled up to go for a thrilling ride.

P1030326As you are going down the “waterfall”, you are asked to pose for the camera. In the short time it takes they took about 25 pictures that were up for sale. Our raft stopped so we could check out the photos to purchase for $3.00 each. We purchased the following photo.

Who would have thought they could turn this little “thrill ride” into such a money maker.


The 40 minute ride down the river was a trip to remember.


Walk along the Li River

Yangshuo (阳朔; Yáng shuò) is a very scenic, small county and city surrounded by many karst mountains and beautiful scenery near Guilin, Guangxi. (Wikitravel)

This was another one of my favorite parts of the trip as everywhere you looked the scenery was fantastic.


We walked along the river for a few hours feeling the heat of sun on our backs.


These are the mountains that I had heard about for years and longed to see.



We were able to see the locals working in their fields.


We walked along the many rice fields.


We saw a few water buffaloes walking down the path, and at work in the rice fields.


Interesting just to stand and watch the farmer plow his field in bare feet.



After walking for a few hours a few of us realized we did not see the rest of our group. Luckily we were with Rebecca, one of the tour guides who made a call to learn we had walked a log way past the turn off. The rest of the group was waiting for us to go for the river raft ride,so a van was sent to take us the rest of the way. We just got very distracted with all the natural beauty.


Tomorrow the river raft ride!