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Summer is over!

As I pack up to leave Beijing, I am reminiscing about my fun filled family travels that I took this summer. I will show a few of my favorite pics.

Matt and I had a great time exploring Dallas. A dream come true to tour the stadium, and one trip we will remember for ever.

We also had a wonderful time in Denver for Taylor’s graduation.


I had such a busy traveling summer with so many wonderful family memories.
I am thrilled that WordPress finally fixed their problems, so my blog is once again functioning on my iPad. Life is good.

I love Fort Worth Texas

This morning Matt and I took the 30 minute drive to Sundance Square in Fort Worth Texas. Interesting old buildings, cute shops, and banners covering construction sites.

Tree lined streets, with the city hall at the end.

You can never have enough Cowboy stores to shop in!

The food was to die for: fresh made guacamole, watermelon drink, crispy chips

The best shrimp,


I am ready for a nap!

Legacy of President John F. Kennedy

On this very hot day in June, Matt and I were able to see how history changed in a split second. We toured the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza where evidence was found showing shots were fired out of the far right window at President Kennedy as his motorcade went past the building.

There are many opposing views as some believe the shots were fired from the nearby grassy knoll.

If you look closely at the above photo you can see a X on the street where President Kennedy was shot.
In the next photo I am standing near the X which is a distance from the building.

After the tour we walked around downtown Dallas, so I was happy to catch a ride back in the old trolley car.


Matt and I were thrilled just to take a look around in the local Albertsons to get out of the heat.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Today Matt was able to visit the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which was finished 3 years ago.

It is the biggest air conditioned room in the world.

The lockers are made from expensive wood from Africa.

The Cowboys are the only team to enter the field from the fifty yard line. They run through the star.

As long as I can remember Matt has always loved the Cowboys.

It was great to be here with Matt when he walked on the field of his beloved Cowboys.

It was amazing to view the indoor water fountain.