A day at the beach, a lobster supper

The morning started out very early at the beach.

Michelle, Laura, and me

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 009

a real live starfish on the beach

the beach PEI 001

a crab

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 018

Brandon ( Michelle’s son) at the beach. The water was very cold which didn’t seem to bother Brandon (a real Canadian) but all the mosquitoes on the beach go to us.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 021

Laura and I were enchanted with this art work ( “Glass on Glass” Mosaic artwork created in reclaimed windows and rustic frames) while in Halifax so Laura bought a picture  with towels on a clothesline.

We read  the artwork was produced in PEI, and were thrilled when we walked into this store to find the artist present. I fell in love with this picture, as truly reminiscent of Canada with clothes hanging on the wash-line. I have tried to take picutres of clotheslines while driving, but this will be a great remembrance of our trip.

the beach PEI 008

Maria, Laura, and I at the beach at night. Sooooooooooooo many mosquitoes out that were hungry. Laura and I are itching our bodies from all the  bites. I can’t remember the last time I was smothered with so many mosquitoes.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 005

Church lobster suppers are very popular here.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 031

This church has offered this supper for the last 40 years. It was great sitting in the basement of this church for the feast.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 032

It included 5 courses. Seafood chowder, mussels, salad, lobster,PEI  potato salad or baked potato , rolls, strawberry shortcake, and a drink. Luckily they had already cracked the shell so it was easy to eat. It was delicious!!!

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 030

Our group included some of Laura’s friends from Ontario.

the beach, lobster supper, PEI (Laura's pics) 028

I should have mentioned that the reason we are visiting the Maritime provinces is for a wedding that we will attend this afternoon. Remember Laura lived in Ontario Canada for 6 years to attend university and then to work. Dave a friend from school is getting married to a girl who is from PEI so hence the wedding is here. It has been over 12 years since I attended a Catholic wedding so I am looking forward to this special day. It has been a reunion of sorts for Laura to see old friends again. I am really enjoying hearing all the Canadian accents.

Relaxing day at Avonlea

After all the excitement of the last few days, Laura and I decided to have a stress free time for our first  day in Prince Edward Island. Yesterday we took the ferry boat over here which was quite relaxing for the 75 minute ride. I enjoyed a MOO ice-cream cone and took advantage of the time to have a rest.

River rafting (Laura's dinner) 003

So, today we took a drive across the island to Avonlea the village of Anne of Green Gables.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 016

Boy, I wish I could dress like this everyday!!

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 022

Wish I had long hair like this!! Laura wishes she had a hat like this one!! (True)

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 019

This little school house brought back memories of teaching.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 029

Laura had lovely memories of being a student.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 032

This was the original school house where the author of the book taught school.

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 030

Laura and Joan have a “whale” of a day

Laura and I went whale watching.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 001

We missed the ferry boat so we were able to walk around the island to explore.

Digby, whale watching 005

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 003

We then were able to suit up for the 10 person  zodiac ride to get up close to the whales. Don’t we look cute. Needless to say we did not get cold on the over 2 hour ride.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 007

Our zodiac.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 031

It was a thrilling exciting ride to spot a Humpback whale and then follow it. It reminded me of the storm tracker shows when they see a storm and they just take off chasing it. We were on a boat with a German family with a couple young children who were great at spotting the whales off in the distance and off we would go to get closer.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 009


Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 025

Laura and I were happy to sit at the back, so we did not get very wet.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 016

Every time we were able to get close, we were filled with anticipation to see when the whale would surface and if we would see the tail.

Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 021


Digby  whale watching (Laura's) 026

A totally exciting day.

Today, we went “tidal wave rafting” which is the most exciting activity that I have done in years. Totally  out of my comfort zone, but what an experience. Since we were thrown around in the water we had to buy a waterproof disposable camera. Laura was the photographer as I never let go of the rope along the side of the  zodiac.  My hands are still sore. Will show pictures when we get them developed. I will tell you that we were rafting on 10 foot high waves. Today we both got soaked.

Peggy’s Cove, Digby, Nova Scotia

Laura and I took the half hour drive to see Peggy’s Cove.

Peggy's Cove 004

It was a perfect day to walk on the rocks with the blue sky and cool temperature.

Peggy's Cove 002

Great to hear the bagpipes playing while we hiked around.

Peggy's Cove 003

I only tripped once and nearly landed in the only muddy puddle there. Laura was amazed to see my fancy footwork that saved my white shoes.

Peggy's Cove 005

I visited her over 30 years ago with my mom and dad, so great to see it again with Laura.

Peggy's Cove 009

We then took the 3 hour drive to the other side of the island to a quaint little town called Digby.

Digby 006

Needless to say, last night we went out for scallops.

Digby 001

Pan seared, wrapped in bacon, and fried. Delicious!!

Digby 004

The haddock, and deep fried clams were mouth watering. To top it off we had fresh rhubarb pie. Laura and I could hardly walk out of the restaruant.

Today we are off to go whale watching. Hope I have some great photos to show.

Joan and Laura visit the Citadel in Halifax

The Halifax Citadel endures as a gateway to Canada’s military heritage and passage to nationhood. It is a 19th-century fortification with steep masonry walls surrounded by a ditch up to 9 meters deep.

Citadel 013

Even though it was a rainy day we enjoyed the tour. Actually a nice treat from the hot weather in Utah.

Citadel 011

Once the command post and landward bastion of Halifax’s defenses, the Citadel stands watch as it has done since the city was the principal British naval station in North America.

We had a cute little tour guide (not as cute as Oscar), and it was so wonderful to hear it all in English.

Citadel 014

We learned that the Citadel was never attacked because of the location on a hill and the ditches they built for protection of the wall.

Citadel 020

The Citadel’s tall masts were used for communication, to the people in Halifax.

Citadel 024

Laura made a friend and was asked if she was still in high school!!!!!

Citadel 023

Laura and I were able to take in the wonderful sights and sounds of our educational day.

Citadel 003

O Canada, here we come

Laura and I arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia last night around midnight. It was really different for us to drive in the foggy weather, reminders of our years in Kentucky and Laura’s years in Canada.

Halifax 001We are up bright and early (9 here but it would be 6am. in Utah), and ready to go in the cool rainy weather. Suppose to be sunny tomorrow. This picture was taken out of our hotel window.

Patricia’s new hairdo!

Tomorrow Trish is getting her bridals taken, so last week she had a trial run with her hair.  She was reminded how fine and thin her hair is. (Sorry Trish)

Joan's birthday 002

I bet she is going to look just lovely. Yesterday I bought a little portable fan to help keep those  little sweat beads from appearing.

Gardening at Laura’s house

It is always more fun doing yard-work when it is not at your own home. Especially when you have these cute kitties watching you.

Joan's birthday 008

Joan's birthday 010

Joan's birthday 011

Laura has a great yard!!!! Full shade all morning so easy to work outside.

Pictures of Duan Duan

Today Simon’s son Duan Duan turns one month old, so a big party will be held in his honor. Duan Duan is a nickname which was given to him since he was born during the Dragon Festival. Simon saught the help of a fortune teller to pick his name which was determined by the day, time, year,  he was born. I will have to get Simon to write it for me.

The following pictures were taken shortly after his birth, but the Chinese believe they should not be shown until the baby is one month old.

Simon's baby 4 email

Some friends wait until the baby is a month old before going for a visit.

Simon's baby email

Simon is one proud dad.

Simon and baby June 14email

Happy Birthday Duan Duan!!!!

I’m home

This is the first summer that I am home in five years, as the previous summers have been spent in China.  It is amazing to see the flowers that I planted years ago.

Look at my daisys.

summer flowers 001

I am happy to be home, but my yard is asking for some tender loving care.

summer flowers 004

summer flowers 002




Maybe I will leave it until my dad arrives in less than a month for Patricia’s wedding.summer flowers 003