My Kleenex is ready

I have  my little purse ready with some Kleenex for the big wedding day tomorrow.

picnic and lunch 032

I am so excited I can’t sleep or eat. One of my dreams is coming true.

The Grandma’s get a pedicure!

Today I treated my mother and mother in law to a pedicure.

pedicure, memory gift 004

The first time for my mom (on the left) so I figured it was time for her to enjoy a memorial treat.

pedicure, memory gift 006

They absolutely enjoyed the special treatment, and now will have beautiful toes to show at the wedding.

pedicure, memory gift 008

My mother has never gone out in bare feet, or worn flip-flops so it was a learning experience for her to walk around the mall with the little flip flops on. I will just say that we walked very slowly.

Patricia’s Chinese wedding gifts

Mark arrived home with a suitcase full of treasures for Tom and Trish.

Chinese wedding gifts 003

An aunt of a woman that works at the mine did all the fine paper-cut designs for the wedding. They are suppose to be hung on all your windows in the house.  It will be nice when Simon arrives next week to tell us what they all mean. I did recognize the phoenix and the dragon.

Chinese wedding gifts 002

Look at this cute bride and groom. I told Tom that he was going to have to carry Trish around like this statue. He just smiled.

Chinese wedding gifts 004

This is an embroidered picture of birds behind some glass. I guess it is made in the same town where the famous black pottery is created. I am going to have to check that out when I go back.

Chinese wedding gifts 006

Gold wedding birds for good luck!!

Chinese wedding gifts 007

Many many walnuts to be put in the honeymoon bed to help with fertility!!  Also a pillow made of tea (the red corner)  to keep you healthy.

Chinese wedding gifts 009

Patricia’s bridal showers

I have been having a great time these last few weeks getting ready for Patricia’s wedding.  I was thrilled to be able to attend both of her bridal showers. I have been able to meet some of her friends, and  Tom’s relatives.

Trish with some of her bridesmaids

bridal shower 024

Fun to play some games

bridal shower 002

Doesn’t she look cute!

bridal shower 023

The ice-cream cake was delicious!

bridal shower 016

Next came the Chinese shower!!

Some red lanterns to show the way

Trish Chinese shower 032 email

Baby bride and groom

Trish Chinese shower 033 email

The wedding couple

Trish Chinese shower 028 email

The shower would not be complete without a Canadian gift to remind Trish of her heritage.

Trish Chinese shower 008 email

Trish and Grandma Halk. (my mom) Don’t you love those Chinese corsages!

Trish Chinese shower 020 email

Grandma Halk, Trish, Laura

Trish Chinese shower 024 email

I had to get in one picture.

Trish Chinese shower  email

The excitement builds as Mark gets home tomorrow with many gifts from China. We can hardly wait to see what he has stuffed in his suitcase.

Blink! to see Matt

Matt has decided to venture  out on a new and exciting path in his life. He and a couple friends started this company 3 years ago and watched it steadily grow to where he felt he needed to devote more time to all the projects for the company to be successful.  So, now he spends his days working in a neat office in downtown Salt Lake.

Grandpa and Grandma Halk were given the grand tour.

Matt's new office 001

Matt's new office 007

Matt's office 002

Gumby and Pokey are there for good luck.

Matt's new office 006

Now, you may wonder what he actually  does. I do too, but this is what his business cards say.

Blink Software Solutions

Custom software         Web Applications           Server Consulting

So, it you need help with any of the above  items just give him a call.  I know he will do a great job.

I am proud  that Matt has the right philosophy, he  is doing what he loves, and loves what he does. I hope the “Joy” continues for many years to come.

I wish  you the best Matt!

The blue homes in the Maritimes!

I was amazed with all the blue homes we saw on our trip. I was then on a quest to take pictures of all of them. Laura had  to make a few quick stops.

PEI 003

PEI 020

PEI 021

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 014

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 044

Look at this purple building!

PEI 001

It brought back lots of childhood memories seeing all the laundry hanging on the clotheslines.

PEI 011

PEI 017

PEI is the place to see potato being grown.

PEI 014

Loved the red soil.

PEI 015

O Canada!!!

I loved seeing all the patriotic homes on our journey in Nova Scotia and PEI displaying the Canadian maple leaf flag.

PEI 012

on the Halifax bridge

PEI 026

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 004

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 048

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 051

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 050

you can tell the wind was blowing

PEI, Anne of Green Gables 001

I loved the colorful mailboxes.

Citadel 010

Canadian tic tac toe

Digby, whale watching 009

The wedding of Dave and Johanna

It was a wonderful special day for Laura and I to attend the wedding. A number of years since I had attended a Catholic wedding so it was very special for me.

Johanna had both her mom and dad walk her down the aisle.

wedding (Laura's) 005

the stained glass windows were beautiful

wedding 002

wedding (Laura's) 006

the happy married couple

wedding (Laura's) 018

I loved all the music but found the last song very special for the Irish Catholics  in PEI.

Laura’s friends from university in Canada.

wedding (Laura's) 027

The reception started with seafood chowder (delicious).

wedding (Laura's) 032

the tables were decorated with candles and sea glass

wedding (Laura's) 035

a purple wedding cake

wedding (Laura's) 031

Johanna, Dave, Laura, Joan

wedding (Laura's) 046

Laura and her friends danced all night.

wedding (Laura's) 070

At the end of the evening the bride tossed the bouquet. Laura was not the lucky single woman to catch it.

wedding (Laura's) 095

The whole day was wonderful. Now I am really excited for Patricia’s special day at the end of the month.

Mouth watering Canadian food

Laura and I enjoyed delicious seafood everyday.

deep fried haddock fish and chips


soft shell clams


PEI mussels (the best)


You can’t go to Canada and not eat a Harvey’s Hamburger. Laura and I had to plug the address into our GPS to find this restaurant. It was worth the longer drive.


It truly is a “beautiful thing.”


poutine, french fries with gravy and melted cheese curds


Have you ever heard of chocolate covered PEI potato chips?




We purchased this special treat along with a bottle of raspberry cordial at Anne of Green Gables. The chips are delicious !!!!


a seafood dish with lobster mashed potatoes. Yum Yum


fresh Atlantic salmon


the best strawberry shortcake


salty PEI potato chips


How much weight do you think we each gained??

Canadian Inventions

While at Peggy’s Cove we saw this bus.

Peggy's Cove 013

Look! what Canadian’s have invented!!

Peggy's Cove 010

trivial pursuit, energizer battery, poutine, wonder bra, lacrosse, birch bark canoe,

Peggy's Cove 012

goalie mask, 5 pin bowling, instant potatoes, electron microscope

Peggy's Cove 011

Canadians are great!!!