More wedding pics

The wedding ceremony took place at St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Salt Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jerant


I love this picture of Trish and my mom.


My folks and Mark’s mom.


This one is my favorite of my 3 kids.


Some of the family.


Winter has come to Utah! Pics from Patricia’s wedding

The snow came yesterday, and it just didn’t stop all day. Laura and I shoveled in the morning, a group of high school students looking to make some money shoveled at dinner time, and Tom continued before bed. I still woke up to another 8 inches, so I got my exercise this morning.




Now that I am home it has been great fun looking at the photographer’s photos of Patricia’s wedding photos. Over the next few days I will show some of my favorites.





More pics to follow.

Banana Foster and Jumping Rope!

All of you might wonder what the two above have in common. They were both a first for our Thanksgiving  celebration.

Matt suggested banana foster for dessert as he had made it before, and since I didn’t have any other ideas, we decided it was time for something new. It was delicious!



After the bananas were flambe’ they were put on a scoop of ice cream.


Last week I won a jump rope from a fellow blogger (thanks Ellen), so after eating our scrumptious dessert my kids and I gave it a try to burn some calories. WOW, what a work out. It is suppose to be a great cardio workout, along with toning your entire body. For total fitness, I am suppose to work out 10 minutes 4 times a week. Going to take it to China and hopefully do some daily jumping. It suggests you count up to 200 jumps before you just start timing yourself.


Aren’t I talented to be able to jump sideways!


Now for my workout of cleaning the scuff marks off my wood floor. Probably not the best place to jump, but too cold to go out into the garage.

A special thanks to Matt for staying up late and helping me set new picture sizes for my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving from Spanish Fork, Utah

Mark and I arrived home a couple days ago to cold weather and snow, but it feels good when I can keep my house warm. Since Mark is home we will do the cooking here, so I just got out some of my favourite Thanksgiving decorations to make my home festive.





Some flowers to add to the holiday.


I would like to wish everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for, just being home and with family that I am going to relish the whole day.

A few pics from the new apartment

I have spent the last couple days frantically trying to get the apartment in some order as Mark and I leave for Utah in a couple days. Mark will  only stay the week and will then be here for the month of December so I wanted him to be able to find his clothes and some food to eat.  Here are a few pics of the unpacked rooms.

I was actually able to get a washer and drier, but unfortunately they can not be run at the same time. Why you ask? Not enough electric power to support both going at the same time. Oh well! They both work well, and with the washer on the bottom, I don’t  have to worry about tipping it over.


The front hall. I like the intercom system as there is a camera and I can see who is at the door.


The wall unit in the dining room. It was so exciting to unpack all my Gao Ping pottery, and while in Thailand found some frames for Patricia. Very difficult to find 8 X10’s in China.

email cabinet

I absolutely love my Chinese theme curtains for my sewing room.


Our master bedroom, small and cozy as my night stand really doesn’t fit by the bed, so sits on a slant.

email masterbedroom

I am pleased with my progress. Tomorrow time to tackle the kitchen.

Big curbs and pink cabs!

I have noticed the very high curbs near the streets, as I have been walking around town. I guess to prevent flooding when the water comes.


It came up to my knee. So a real hike to get up on the sidewalk.



Look at these cute pink taxis.


They are always so clean.


We went for a ride in this one night. How fun!


Time to pack, and brave the cold!

Delicious dessert

Yesterday Mark and I took the sky train down to the main canal in Bangkok and enjoyed an outdoor dinner along the water. It was hot but felt refreshing with the warm breeze. For dessert I tried a “banana royal” which looked like a banana split from the menu. As my kids know I have never been a huge fan of bananas as I would order a banana split  and eat everything except the bananas. This was to die for.

They cooked the bananas in some kind of syrup, so they were soft and sweet along with the coconut ice cream, and whipped cream.


The chocolate ice-cream was for Mark, so I didn’t eat the whole thing.

I will miss the sweet tastes of Thailand!

A few pics from Bangkok

Yesterday Mark and I rode the sky-train to the weekend market. It was a hot day and we both lost weight with all the sweating we were doing.

We cooled off with some fresh coconut ice cream. You could pick a couple toppings, so we chose fresh pineapple and some peanuts with fresh cream, and served in the coconut shell.  One of the choices was kernels of corn!  Yum Yum


Here are a couple pics of Bangkok taken from our hotel window. You can see the sky-train track and the cute pink cabs below.


Our hotel is in the center of town.


I decided to treat myself to a bouquet of orchids since that is what Thailand is known for. For this beautiful arrangement I paid $12.00 US , but I am sure I could have gotten in much cheaper from the street market. I have had them almost a week and they still look wonderful.


As I have walked around the town I have noticed a few things that the people in Thailand like.

1. They like coffee. In the small mall next door there are 5 coffee shops. I don’t think I have even seen so many Starbucks.

2. They like ice cream, Haagan Dazs, Marblestone Creamery, Swensen’s, DQ, and more.

3. They like donuts. A Krispy Kreme  just opened and the lines are out the door. Yesterday I noticed at least 5 different people standing along the street with the other street vendors, with a couple dozen boxes of the do-nuts selling them individually. What a novel idea. Forget about standing inline. As  I mentioned, just about anything you want is sold on the street.

It is fun to be staying in a city where they like their sweets. Actually the last couple days I have enjoyed the McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry. I have always gone for DQ back home, but this is close and has really hit the spot.

A couple more days and back to COLD China but at least it is after the 15th so the heat will be turned on.

Phra Pathom Chedi Temple

This is called the First Pagoda and the name literally means “The first City”.


This province features an ancient religious structure called “Phra Pathom Chedi”, the first religious landmark that signified the influx of Buddhism into Thailand. It is the tallest pagoda in the world.


Everyone removes their shoes and walks up to the Buddha with an offering of burning incense.


After a donation was made, I received a couple pieces of thin gold paper to lay on the statute. A really neat experience.


The small Buddha’s below represent each day of the week with a different pose. In the picture below the small statues can be seen in front of the big statute.

This article was taken from the “Thai Buddha Amulet Empire.

When visiting a Thai temple you may be interested to look at the many Buddha images and their different poses, which depict significant moments in the Buddha’s life. Whilst most Buddha statues feature the Buddha in meditation, there are more than 100 different poses. There are also some postures that each represent the 7 days of the week, and Thai people pay particular attention to the Buddha image which corresponds to the day they were born.

This is a standing Buddha pose, with the left hand hanging down by the side. The right hand is raised at the chest, palm facing outwards, in a singe-handed gesture. This posture represents “Preventing Calamities”, which is also known as “Pacifying the Relatives.”
Buddha name : Phra Ham Yath (Making peace) / Paang Harm Samoot
Color to wear : Yellow
Character : Good memory, serious, love to travel
Optimum profession : Trader, doctor, nurse, fisherman
Very lucky day/color : Saturday / black
Lucky day/color : Wednesday / green
Unlucky day/color : Sunday / orange

A reclining Buddha posture. The Buddha lies on his right side with his left arm draped along the body and the right arm acting as a pillow, propping up the head. One of the most dramatic and breathtaking reclining Buddha images can be found at Wat Po, Bangkok. This temple is also home to the famous Thai massage school.
Buddha name : PHRA Sai Yas (reclining) / Paang Salyasna
Color to wear : Pink
Buddha image for Tuesday : Character : brave, active, broad and serious mind
Optimum profession : policeman, soldier, chemist, cook, hairdresser
Very lucky day/color : Thursday / yellow
Lucky day/color : Saturday / black
Unlucky day/color : Monday / white

There are two images that represent Wednesday, one for the morning and one for the night.
For Wednesday morning, the Buddha is standing with heels pressed together, holding an alms bowl at waist height, with both hands wrapped around it.
Buddha name : Phra Um Baatr (holding the alms-bowl) / Paang Oombaat
Color to wear : Green
Character : ambitious, gregarious, fun loving
Optimum profession : banker, singer, musician, artist, designer
Very lucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green
Lucky day/color : Thursday / yellow
Unlucky day/color : Tuesday / pink

Wednesday evening’s pose represents the retreat to the forest, for the duration of the rainy season. It is a sitting posture with the Buddha depicted as resting with a monkey and small elephant at his side. The Buddha is about to accept a honeycomb from the money and a water pot from the elephant.
Buddha name : Phra Par Lelai (the blessed one)
Color to wear : Light green
Character : hard working, diligent, honest
Optimum profession : writer, poet, doctor, scientist, actor, archaeologist
Very lucky day/color : Monday / white
Lucky day/color : Sunday / orange
Unlucky day/color : Thursday / yellow

This sitting Buddha image is one of restful meditation, with legs crossed (right leg on top of the left) and both hands resting on the top, with the right hand over the left, both palms upwards. This is a classic yoga posture.
Buddha name : Phra Samah Thi (meditation) / Paang Nung Samadhi
Color to wear : Orange
Character : good heart, graceful, tranquil, honest
Optimum profession : judge, lawyer, teacher, clergyman
Very lucky day/color : Sunday/orange
Lucky day/color : Friday/blue
Unlucky day/color : Saturday/black

Friday represents “Reflection” or “Contemplation”, with a standing Buddha image. Both hands are crossed at the chest (right over left), palms facing inwards. The posture depicts the Buddha standing at the Banyan Tree, wondering how he can explain the cause of suffering to his followers.
Buddha name : Phra Ram Pueng (contemplation) / Paang Rum Peung
Color to wear : Blue
Character : ambitious, gregarious, fun loving
Optimum profession : banker, singer, musician, artist, designer
Very lucky day/color : Tuesday / pink
Lucky day/color : Monday / white
Unlucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green

This dramatic statute depicts the Buddha sitting in meditation, protected by a cobra hood. The Buddha sits cross-legged in meditation, with overlapping hands, palms upwards, whilst Mucalinda, the cobra (King of Naga) spreads its hood above the Buddha’s head.
Buddha name : Phra Naga Prok (protection) / Paang Naga Prok
Color to wear : Purple
Character : logical , tranquil, reclusive
Optimum profession : agriculturist, constructor, miner, bailiff
Very lucky day/color : Friday / blue
Lucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green
Unlucky day/color : Wednesday (day) / green

Representing an Open-Eye posture, the Buddha stands with hands crossed over his abdomen, in pensive thought. The right hand is placed over the left on the upper thigh. Here, the enlightened Buddha contemplates his achievements and knowledge, standing still for 7 days under the Bodhi Tree to contemplate the suffering of all living things.
Buddha name : Phra Tawai Natra (restraint) / Paang Tawal Netr
Color to wear : Red
Character : respectable, carefree, wise, and beloved by both friends and relatives
Optimum profession : manager, official, doctor, trader, craftsman
Very lucky day/color : Wednesday / green
Lucky day/color : Tuesday/pink
Unlucky day/color : Friday / blue


Sticky rice in bamboo, “Khao Lam”

Cha Cha wanted to make sure that I was well fed, since a lunch was not included in the tour, and she did a mighty fine job in that area.

When we left the train market she picked up a couple pieces of  “Khao Lam”, bamboo filled with sticky rice. Early in the day they fill the bamboo with cold rice, to which they have added sugar, coconut cream and black beans. The hole at the end is covered with folded banana leaves and then it roasted on a grill.


He then whacks the bamboo with a mallet to open it up to the tender sticky rice.


After a couple hours of this delicacy sitting in the van it was still warm and quite tasty.  It had a slightly sweet taste with a delectable  flavor.I got the purple colored rice and Cha Cha ate the white.


After the sweet treat we stopped at a handicraft store to view the carvings in teak wood.


Joan and a Buddha


The Thai’s love their elephants. Where could you put this baby?


A very comfortable rocking chair


Two artists worked on this masterpiece. It was pointed out to me that the artist who worked on the left side made his elephants more plump.