Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I think next year is going to be a great year for me living in Beijing and I am looking forward to all the new challenges that will entail.
To start off the new year, Mark and I are going to travel to my homeland to visit my family for a few days. I think I must be a Crazy Canook to visit Canada the first week of January. I will let you know about my exciting visit???
Will see how many Canadian snowman I see up there!

Canada Goose for Christmas

This Christmas I received a Canadian Santa holding a Canada Goose.


I just love all those maple leaves.

Look who came for dinner on Christmas Eve.

We had a wonderful celebration on Christmas eve with family and friends. Laura’s future in-laws from San Diego came to spend the holiday with Jonathan. His brother and wife also came for the weekend, so they all attended church with us at 5:00pm  and we then enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Matt invited a couple on his Indian friends to share the holiday with us, since their families are so far away. I didn’t think I could fit 13 people in my little dining room. Once you were seated you were there for the night.


It was cozy.

Mark took this photo.


Jonathan’s brother Dave took this pic so Mark could get in it.


A night of visiting and laughing, along with some tasty treats.

Guess who was Santa in China?

I wonder if you can tell who Santa is.

Mark as santa

I guess Mr. Chinese Santa doesn’t have a beard!

Looks like it is going to be a white Christmas!

I left Laura’s home in Salt Lake City this morning  with a couple inches of snow, and this is what I found in Spanish Fork, which is an hour away.


A very wet snow, that is heavy on the tree branches.


The school district closed the schools for the day which never happens, an early Christmas vacation.


Thank goodness that the neighbors shoveled. All the young children are going to love the sledding. This is the snow pile in front of  my sidewalk.


Laura’s penguins have come to my house too!

This afternoon I had some free time so I got out a FEW of Laura’s penguins that still live at my home.


I was in a few neighbors homes last week and noticed the stockings hanging on the stair railings. I thought I would give it a try and I must say that I like it.  I think my kids will be surprised when they see it.


Christmas Cheer with good friends

Last night I got together with my good friends from school. Art city friends 2

Always fun to hear stories and laugh about old times, with the friends that I miss when I am in China. Now I am revived for the holidays.

My Lucky Day

This afternoon I went to see my chiropractor (Dr. Jay Anderson ACC) in Spanish Fork as my shoulder was bothering me. I wondered when I signed in as the line was highlighted, but just went and sat down to wait my turn. A few minutes later I was greeted with the gift of “warm wishes” and told that I was the 12th person so I won a gift for the 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

I think I like it on my windowsill.


Dr. Anderson is the best with his adjustments and his giveaways!

Exercise and Sweets

This morning I went for a walk or should I say a climb near Laura’s home.


This was to burn off the calories that I consumed over the weekend from all the sweets we bought at our church Christmas Bazaar.


The best coconut custard filled cupcakes, peanut brittle, chocolate covered pretzels,mini peanut butter cupcakes, pecan butter cookies, peppermint bark. I think I will be walking/hiking all week.

Courteous drivers!

One of the biggest things I noticed on this trip home is how courteous the drivers in Spanish Fork are to me when I am doing my morning walk. In China when you cross a street the cars never stop and it can be like finding your way thru a maze to make it to the other side. This summer a friend of mine actually got bumped by a side view mirror as she walked across a street.

You can imagine  my amazement when a car would stop for me before I even reached the corner. One of the major roads  I cross was busy so I made it to the middle just planning on waiting when the next car stopped holding up many cars behind. I quickly ran across the street.

Great to be reminded what a great world it can be when rules are followed.