Backyard flowers

My flowers in the backyard are doing great. They are loving these sunny days.
I purchased more purple flowers this year in honor of Laura, and her wedding colors.

I love this one.

I have noticed a couple beautiful butterflies recently in my yard.

I guess they like my flowers also.

Cute, Crafty and Red

Last week Laura and I went to a craft boutique sponsored by one of her co-workers. It has been a long time since I have been to one, so I didn’t know what to expect. I fell in love with this mini elevated plate.


I can use it to hold cookies, fruit, or maybe some jewelry.


Laura purchased a pretty green plate. We were told that they were made by gluing a plate on a candlestick holder. Cute idea.

It was sold when I found a red one.

Laura and I are keeping very busy with wedding plans. Three weeks from today is the BIG day. We will be ready.

More Red White and Blue!

I am decorating with more red, white, and blue for the upcoming July 4th holiday.

I found this in the basement and actually got this from a friend in Kentucky almost 20 years ago.


I made this wall-hanging when I moved to Utah 17 years ago.


I just had to buy this scarf when I saw it.


I just purchased this patriotic “Scentsy” light for my kitchen. Don’t worry, I have not forgot about Canada.


July 1st is Canada day, so I am going to have a week of celebrations.

Exercising in the water

This week I stayed at home in Spanish Fork to clean, do yard work, and just complete many projects that I have on the go. This is the first time in years that I have been home in the summer by myself, so it has felt great to work on my photo album, clean out my closet, wash the back patio. I have been working but felt the need to get into a pool again since I haven’t been doing my lap swimming.

Spanish Fork has a wonderful outdoor pool that offers water aerobics that I used to attend many summers ago with Patricia. It felt good to be in the water and stretch my muscles. I missed my drill sergeant (Trish) behind me coaching me to push harder. I think she would have been proud of my effort.



My arms are tired today from lifting those foam weights, which are heavy when you are pushing them in the water.


Nice to be outside in the water under the beautiful blue sky.

Duan Duan is a year old

Duan Duan turned a year old on June 14th. I have yet to meet the little guy because of the distance, but Mark and I are planning a trip this fall when I get back to China. Simon sent some photos. Look at that cute little face.

Duan Duan and mom

Simon and Duan Duan

I can hardly wait to hold the little guy.

Amanda and Marek get married

Saturday, July 11th my niece Amanda and Marek were married in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Marek is of Polish descent, hence the spelling of his name. A cold front had come threw the day before so low humidity and very pleasant temperatures.

Look at those smiles, leaving the church.


Amanda and family (Marek is off to the side)


My great nephew Patrick did a great job as the ring bearer.


I had a great time dancing with one of my favorite nephews, Jason.


Matt enjoyed twirling Grandma around the dance floor.


Amanda and her aunts behind the cake with the “family heirloom” bride and groom topper.


Jonathan’s first trip to meet all the Canadian “rellies”.


Tom also enjoyed visiting with all the friendly Canadians.


I was reacquainted with an old high school friend, Monica that I have not seen in over 35 years. An exciting surprise reunion with plans to get together when I go back to Canada in August.


It was a super wonderful day for everyone.

Guess where I have been?

I think you will be able to tell where I was last week from my purchases.



My kids and I went to celebrate in the joyous occasion of my nieces wedding. I will post the pictures soon.
When we landed the weather was sticky warm, but turned much cooler for the weekend wedding. Matt and I made the six block walk to Giant Tiger to make the above purchases which gave me a chance to reminisce of my childhood friend’s homes, and the activities I took part in.
My childhood home

The backyard that turned into a ice rink in the winter, and housed a play house where the shed is now that kept my sisters and I busy all summer long playing house, along with marathon Monopoly games.

The clothes line that was filled with clothes year round. How can you forget bringing clothes in that were frozen stiff to thaw on the basement clothes line.


Finally, some garden flowers

I was happy when I arrived home today to see some of my flowers in bloom.

my poppy



one of my favorites, Lily of the Valley


my bleeding hearts


purple irises


More red white and blue

Last week a group of young people were making the rounds to make some money this summer by painting your street address on the curb. How could I resist when they added the American flag. I had the choice of adding the letter Y for BYU, or the red U for the University of Utah where my three children graduated.


Purple and Silver for Laura

Yesterday we held a bridal shower for Laura. Trish and I enjoyed splurging in purple and silver for the decorations, the food, and the games.

Jana ( a friend from work) designed this cute display of Laura at different ages for a game of guess how old she is in all the pictures. We all giggled at some of her dated hairstyles. ( I take no responsibility).

Laura and Trish enjoyed modeling one of the homemade Canadian gifts from Aunt Mary. (notice the purple and silver balls hung by Patricia)

Laura and her bridesmaids, Jana, Patricia, Laura and Jennifer

A great celebration for all of us.

41 days left, before the big day!