Christmas gifts to warm the heart

Here are a few pictures of Christmas gifts that warmed my heart!

Nice warm mittens made from old sweaters


Matt and I in our nice warm hats


A hand decorated bowl to hold warm dishes


Made by our dear friend Rohit (Ghandi). A great remembrance of the father daughter dance at Laura’s wedding, and me becoming an American citizen.


And warm friendship from more of Matt’s Indian friends.


It was a wonderful, warm Christmas!

It’s going to be a green Christmas

I was looking at pictures from this time last year.




This is what my backyard looks like this morning.


I miss the snow, but it sure makes it easier getting around.

The whole family will come home Christmas eve to celebrate the holiday :)

Christmas cake pops!

Every Christmas Laura exchanges small gifts with her co-workers. This year she thought it would be fun to make her little treats, with the help of family. So after picking up the supplies to make cake pops, we started our baking at 3:00 pm. on Sunday.

Laura mixed up the batter, which we baked in a special pop maker. The baking was the easy part, as the decorating took all evening.

Matt placed all the sucker sticks in the round cake pieces.


We struggled with the consistency of the icing for what seemed like hours, which it probably was! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.


Matt searched for answers, while Laura debated whether to continue with the project.


As you can see, the results improved.

I was in charge of the icing, and Matt got creative with the decorating.


We finally completed the last one at 11:00 pm, with all of us being very tired, but ever so happy to be finished.


While we were busy, Jonathan decorated the sugar cookies.


The cookies look great.


Trish and Tom were great taste testers.


Laura and I want to extend a big thanks to Matt, as without his help we would have been going until midnight.

Red and White Christmas Table

After watching a TV show on Christmas table decorations, I became inspired. It was great to get out the old glue gun for the candy cane name card holders, and the mint pinwheel napkin rings.


Christmas is in the air.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Laura and Jonathan were invited to a Christmas party, with the theme of ugly Christmas sweaters.
Laura’s wasn’t ugly, but an old one from my collection.


Her sweater was voted the favorite.
Laura and Jonathan had a fun time decorating their first Christmas tree.

A Labor of Love

Yesterday I mended Matt’s favorite jeans once again. For some reason, he just loves these jeans that are starting to show their age.


He doesn’t mind that the stitching is not perfect and is different colors.

I just want Matt to know that this is his final notice of the last mending, as the material is worn out.

Canada EH!!

Yesterday, I went to a local school to talk about my home and native land, Canada!

Joan in 3rd grade coat

They asked if all Canadians always dress in red and white with maple leaves!

While doing a little research I learned a few things that I thought I would share.

I was reminded that Canada is the second largest country, with Russia being the largest, US, the third, and China the fourth.

Motto: From sea to sea

Joan with 3 grade

Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other country.

They haven’t had mail delivery on Saturday, for the past 35 years.

It was great being in a classroom again, and being able to understand all that was said. They were most interested in hearing about  the people who went over  Niagara Falls in a barrel. Their most difficult question, could I teach them how to say “I want some candy” in French. I couldn’t as it has been so long since I learned French in school. But next week, when I go back to talk about China, I will be able to tell them.

Joan in 3rd grade

I had a great time!

Christmas Friends

This week some friends that I previously worked with came over to celebrate during the holiday season. We were all  together at one point, and now none of us are in the same room.

Christmas friends

It is always fun setting the timer, and rushing to get into the picture.

Christmas friends 2

Good Times!

My new Christmas decoration

I recently found the artwork of Name Scapes  that finds letters in natural settings.


I can’t think of a better way to represent “JOY” than a Christmas stocking “J”, the world “O”, and flowers “Y”.

I wish Joy to the World, over the holiday season.

Christmas party

Last night Laura and Jonathan went to a Christmas party.
Can you tell what they dressed up as?