New toy, new room

Bowser got a new toy yesterday which he just loves.

Many levels to explore.

Look at that happy face.

Trish and Tom decorated the “mother-in-law” bathroom for my visits.

I love it!

I love Fort Worth Texas

This morning Matt and I took the 30 minute drive to Sundance Square in Fort Worth Texas. Interesting old buildings, cute shops, and banners covering construction sites.

Tree lined streets, with the city hall at the end.

You can never have enough Cowboy stores to shop in!

The food was to die for: fresh made guacamole, watermelon drink, crispy chips

The best shrimp,


I am ready for a nap!

Legacy of President John F. Kennedy

On this very hot day in June, Matt and I were able to see how history changed in a split second. We toured the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza where evidence was found showing shots were fired out of the far right window at President Kennedy as his motorcade went past the building.

There are many opposing views as some believe the shots were fired from the nearby grassy knoll.

If you look closely at the above photo you can see a X on the street where President Kennedy was shot.
In the next photo I am standing near the X which is a distance from the building.

After the tour we walked around downtown Dallas, so I was happy to catch a ride back in the old trolley car.


Matt and I were thrilled just to take a look around in the local Albertsons to get out of the heat.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Today Matt was able to visit the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which was finished 3 years ago.

It is the biggest air conditioned room in the world.

The lockers are made from expensive wood from Africa.

The Cowboys are the only team to enter the field from the fifty yard line. They run through the star.

As long as I can remember Matt has always loved the Cowboys.

It was great to be here with Matt when he walked on the field of his beloved Cowboys.

It was amazing to view the indoor water fountain.



Trip to Canada

Laura and I had a wonderful time in Canada visiting with family and friends for many special occasions.
Great to see mom on her “smooth ride chair.”


Laura felt like going for a ride.

I enjoyed visiting with my cute little grand niece and nephews.


Also nice to visit with Michelle and Mason.


We had a great time at Dennis and Mellisa’s wedding.


My first time to a Portuguese/Polish wedding.


I was told that the food would be amazing!! After a 6 course meal for dinner the seafood buffet followed at midnight. The lobster, crab, mussels, shrimp, chicken legs, pierogi, fresh fruit, and all the dessert you could imagine.


My mom and dad will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary on June 26th. A mass was said in their honor on Father’s Day. A real celebration to have their 6 children attend.


A lunch to follow with family and friends.

Jamie, Pattie, Joan, Mary, Theresa, Joe

Anna, Donald

mom 2

My three sisters and me.


I wish my mom and dad many many more years of happiness.

Great white north!

Laura and I are packing our bags for a visit to the great white north. After making four trips last year, looks like it will be just one this year.
I am looking forward to visiting with family, and attending a wedding of a college friend of Laura’s.

Looks like the weather should be nice.

My printer is working

Mark ordered a printer last time we were home, but unfortunately it arrived the day after we left. Trish brought me to Spanish Fork when I came home a couple weeks ago, and if you can believe it the power was off, so she was unable to install the printer.
So, the printer just sat.
Thursday Matt and Brandon came down to meet more friends for a weekend trip. Luckily for me the other group was running late, so my chance to say,”while you are waiting, perhaps you can install my printer.”
This is a task my son does not enjoy, but luckily one that Brandon can do in his sleep, since he has done it so often.
Within no time at all he had my old computer, laptop and IPad hooked up, with wifi and it works great.
A big THANKS to Brandon, from me and Matt.

Brandon is on the far right, and a partner in Matt’s company.
Rohit (Ghandi) on my right and Komal his girlfriend on my left. A big happy birthday to Komal.

Time to get crafty

On Saturday Laura and I went shopping for some cross-stitch projects, since I finished my sampler in China and enjoyed the stitching.


Many of the stores we googled we’re closed, but we did find one so I bought a few projects.
Yesterday I felt very lucky with my stop in Provo as they were having a great sale. I was shocked to see how expensive a little bag of beads with thread could be. The owner said they were not carrying them any more as some packets are a hundred dollars, plus the pattern which was 8.00.


Now the problem is which one should I do first.



Last night I came over to stay with Trish and Tom. Bowser was very happy to see me.


He came to visit a few times during the night, filled with curiosity to have an overnight guest in the house. This morning I found his new toy waiting for me outside my door.
Sorry Bowser! I like to sleep at night.