Guess work cooking?

Yesterday I was really craving some home baked goods, so I walked to our nearby store in hopes they would have a white cake mix. Mark had bought some tart berries which I thought would be good in a cake. Luckily they had 2 varieties of cakes, strawberry and yellow, but then I remembered I did not have any pans here. I found these small foil pans which I figured would work.

Having no measuring cups, I guessed at the amounts, and how long to bake the cakes.

They actually turned out quite well, and taste pretty good too. Mark took one to work, so will see what his co-workers think.

Sleeping better!

I would like to thank Heidi for giving me a wonderful mixture of essential oils to help aid me in peaceful sleep every night. Heidi worked with Mark in Beijing and helped me teach English to the migrant students.


In her free time she is making soap and essential oils, and doing a great job I must say.


Thanks Heidi!

Learning Mongolian

Today I went with Laurie a fellow American, who has lived here 8 years to a Mongolian class. There were 9 of us there with varying degrees of knowledge, so a very casual learning experience.
I learned how to say hello, my name is, I am American and Canadian. I want to buy, do you have, don’t have. It actually was kind of fun, as I would think how the word was said in Chinese although NO similarities, as it is closer to Russian. The class meets once a week in different homes, so I plan to continue.
Our vocabulary for the day.


Happy Anniversary

Happy 2 year anniversary Trish and Tom. It was so nice to spend time with both of you on our Asian trip. So wonderful for me to see you both so happy.
The Internet is down so I am unable to show some of your wedding pics. I liked this one from the Summer Palace on my phone.
I wish you an eternity of happiness.


Our drive home

On our way home we stopped along the road to buy some fresh produce. The blueberries are smaller than what we are used to, and a little more tart.


We were brave and thought we would try the smoked fish.

Quite tasty!
We decided to get a photo with the reindeer. I was told I could not sit on it, as just for children. I agree.

Mark’s driver thought Mark should also get in the photo.

I love this picture.

Our day in the country

Mark and I had a relaxing day at our hotel.

A nice statute out front.

It was fascinating to see all the small doors in the hallway. The ceilings in the rooms were regular height.

There was a ger out front so Mark’s driver Saruul showed us around inside.

We walked around the little town behind our hotel so Mark could buy some water. We found this little grocery store which is very typical of most of the stores.

Look at all the sweets.

And all the drinks behind the counter.

We learned that the first thing to be built by most Mongolians is the fence around their property.

All of the gates are green.

A cute little girl riding her bike.

We thought this was the local school.

We saw many houses and gers.

Tomorrow one of my favorite pics from the trip.

Down by the river!

Mark and I went to the Terelj Hotel in the National Park, which is around a 2 hour drive from our apartment. We had a relaxing afternoon down by the river just watching all the activity.


I was amazed to see the vehicles cross in the deep water.


This guy got stuck.

This old Russian tanker arrived and after a few tries managed to pull it across.


My kids would remember me trying to get across a river on a 4 wheeler.
We enjoyed watching the horses cross the river.

This rider was really moving thru the water.

This is the way I would like to cross the river.

It was interesting to watch this woman wash her quilt in the freezing cold water.
First with her feet end then her hands.


Then the rinse

She received some help to wring it out.

On the way home we were careful to stay out of the way of all the horses.

We just had a great day.

I made a friend today

Today I spent the afternoon with a new friend who I met from a friend that used to live in Beijing. Noel has lived in UB for the last three years so is very familiar with the city and all that it has to offer. She took me to a few grocery stores, pointed out many good restaurants, and we managed to do a little shopping, along with eating lunch at a cute little cafe.
I bought a couple gifts made in Mongolia to help support Mongolians.

I loved the hand painted silk scarf because of the gers and camels painted on it.

She told me of a woman’s group that will meet on Monday for coffee, Wednesday to learn Mongolian, and the following week have their monthly meeting. I am feeling much better about meeting women here. I think I am going to like it here.

Vegetables for dinner

I have been out doing some shopping and was happy to find some fresh vegetables. Looked like they were just dug up as they were covered with dirt. When I brought them home I noticed a smell, to which Mark said that is the smell of dirt.

Today when I was out I hoped to find some rubber gloves to clean the above vegetables. I was thrilled to find this Korean brand and just hoped they fit. A new experience shopping for me as Mark’s driver who doesn’t speak English comes into the store with me and pushes the cart around for me!! Can life get an easier. Perhaps if he spoke English, oh well!

The gloves fit perfectly and saved my hands from all the dirt.
They cleaned up nice, and will see how they taste with the beef roast we purchased.

Last night it got down to 0* freezing. The cold weather is coming.

Went for a walk

This morning I went for a walk to see the nearby Zaisan Monument that was built as a sign of friendship between the USSR and Mongolia. It took me less than 15 minutes to walk there.


Along the way I met this little boy pushing his brother and some kind of container.
He said in English, “hello, my name is ……. I said hello, and asked him how old he was. After a minute he held up 8 fingers. So cute.

Next time I go, I will have to count the stairs.

A beautiful piece of art with all the mosaic work in the mural.

Beautiful views of the city also.
You can see my apartment complex, and just a bluer sky than over the city.



On the way down I noticed this bird (eagle) for hire for a picture. He really was quite large with ropes attached to His feet. I will have to get someone to translate the sign. Perhaps next time.

There was also this gentleman selling his painted pictures and cards for a great deal. I only brought a small amount of money so I purchased the card for $1.00. The paintings were $3.00.



Many young people that passed by would offer a quiet hi/hello. Reminded me of rural China.

I think I could really get in good shape with this walk and climb on a regular basis.