Kitain Temple

Today we visited Kitain Temple which was beautiful.
My group

I learned you must first wash your hands before entering the temple, and also sound the gong with the rope.




We had to take off our shoes to enter the buildings.

The grounds were stunning with all the Japanese maple trees.



We walked down an ancient street which was interesting.

Delicious noodles with tempura shrimp for lunch.


Lots to learn

Everything is so different here, so I am doing a lot of problem solving.
I could not figure out how to turn the power on in my room, from looking at this switch.

I tried many different things, and finally realized I was not pushing the key holder in far enough.

Even to order our noodles last night we used a vending machine.

Luckily someone was there to help.
Will see what today brings.

I made it to Tokyo

I made it to Tokyo with no problem. Very interesting that they fingerprint all visitors entering the country. I dried my hands a few times before I got up to the window, so it went smoothly.
I met up with my friends who did a great job maneuvering around on all the trains, a little overwhelming for me.
Our hotel is typical Japanese, very small room, and can’t find any English Channels on TV?
The first hotel that I have stayed at that offers sterilized night gowns to all the guests.
Nice and pressed, so I am not complaining.





We went out for seem Japanese Ramen noodles which were delicious.
The restaurant was in a museum to represent Japan in the past.




Should be a busy day tomorrow.

On the road again

I just finished packing all my “red” bags for my trip to Japan tomorrow. I am going with 4 Thai ladies that Mark worked with in Beijing. Patchara and I got to know each other when we travelled to southern China on an organized trip in April. She has been to Japan 6 times, and just loves the country so she invited some friends along for this tour. She has the whole week planned so once I meet them at the airport in Japan, no worries as each day is planned down to the hour.
The last time I was in Tokyo was 5 years ago, when my flight from Beijing had to make an emergency landing there because I was in severe pain. After an ambulance ride, a visit to the ER, and a night in a hotel, a kidney stone was discovered.
I think I will have lots more fun on this trip!


My team building weekend

Mark just received some photos from the weekend.

Here is most of my team eating the delicious mutton noodle soup  for lunch.

Some of Mark’s co-workers from Thailand.

I wonder what I was saying in this photo.

I am receiving my certificate from George.


The whole group, see if you can find me!

I had a great time getting to know the people that work with Mark on a daily basis. A great group of mostly young people.


Mare Cream

Mark’s hands have been taking a beating with the dry air here in Mongolia. Noel from Pilates recommended the following hand cream. Mare (female horse) cream, made in Mongolia and can be purchased for a $1.00.

It is working wonders on his dry cracked skin. I can’t say that I love the smell, but it is working very well.

Mongolian Secret History Camp

Mark and I spent the last couple days at Mongolian Secret History Camp, about a 2 hour drive from UB, for a team building activity.
Absolutely beautiful scenery.

We thought we would be sleeping in a ger,

but instead slept in the lodge. No complaints.

Myself and Saruul, Mark’s driver.

This is Selenge who works with Mark and helps me with everything.

One of his coworkers baby son.

I received this certificate.

Another outing to sleep in a ger!!

Back to the pool!

Mark and I went to SOS today, which is our local international medical center. It was nice to go as we had to fill out lots of paperwork, so now we are registered if we need to return. We learned we needed a blood test and chest X-ray to show we are healthy enough to enter the water.
The facility was clean and simple with most of the doctors being Mongolian. We did see a young doctor from Georgia, and we met another one from New Zealand.

I thought we might have to wait for a few days for results, but after 20 minutes the forms were filled out and stamped. So we paid our $169.00 each, and hope insurance will reimburse us.
I think I know where I will be going in the morning.


Fresh air in our apartment

When Mark and I looked at this apartment I noticed this small appliance above each bed. I learned they are part of the oxygen concentrator system that provides a constant flow of oxygen without storage or handling of oxygen cylinders.


Should be helpful when the smoggy winter weather sets in.

Super find of the day!

Yesterday Mark and I went for a walk and stopped at the biggest grocery store near us.
These almonds in white chocolate with cinnamon looked interesting so I picked up a package, and ate some on the way home.
Delicious!! I am going to go back and buy more.

Product of Poland.