Christmas time

Mark and I have been keeping busy cooking delicious meals for our family and friends.
It was fun to decorate my table for Christmas Eve.


We enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner with Jonathan’s family.

Last night we had fun with some of Matt’s friends. For the first time entertaining I was able to leave the flower arrangement on the table for the meal.

Matt, Joan, and friends. Komal, Rohit, and Brandon

I love the pear sweater Matt gave me for Christmas.

We enjoyed spending Christmas Eve with Jonathan’s family.

Jonathan got a very cool hat from Trish and Tom.

The hat came with a matching beard.

Favorite memory

I love getting my old mittens out at Christmas. One of my favorite memories from my childhood.
I think my mom did not have to worry about me losing them, with my name sewn on, and the top of old socks attached to the top to keep them on.

Thanks mom!

Having fun at home

Since getting home I have been keeping busy with my lovely family.
Thanks mom for the early Canadian treats.

I got a fun Christmas pedicure.

Bowser is excited about Christmas also.

Bowser and Peach are getting along great.

We had a great time celebrating my birthday.

Now to get busy with my Christmas cards and shopping.

Good to be home in Utah

It feels good to be back in Utah. I had a wonderful evening in Beijing with my friend Ella, and just nice to visit with old friends at my Beijing apartment.
It snowed the morning I left so my flight was delayed in Beijing, so I missed my connection in San Francisco. So after waiting 5 hours, I was on my way home.
The weather is very mild here, so easy to get around to do my Christmas shopping.

Camel long johns!

A couple ladies told me where to go to purchase some warm long johns that will be worn for the next few months.
I liked this camel hair one, as some people say they are warmer than cashmere and a lot cheaper. Some of the cashmere ones are over $100.
Camel hair is coarser, but this pair has a very soft lining

The waist band comes up higher on the back, and also has extra soft padding.

I think they are going to keep me toasty warm.

Helping out!

Yesterday I was able to do a couple hours of volunteer work at the local Police detention center.
Children are able to stay at this facility for up to 3 months when they run away from home, or are picked up off the street. There were 7 children there, but have heard at times there were 30 children at the facility.




Amazing how you can get along with just pointing and shaking your head yes or no.

Cold out today!

This morning I just checked the weather before going for a swim.

Going shopping this afternoon, so will have to make sure to wear my warm clothes.

Strawberry Santa

Today was our last Mongolian class before Christmas, so we had a little party.
These strawberry Santa’s were a hit.


Mongolian Christmas crafts

Yesterday I attended the IWAM meeting, which consisted of Mongolian vendors selling Christmas crafts.
Look at the cute gets.

Now look, cute puppets

These intricate ornaments are made from twisting paper, by people in jail.

Look at the cute Christmas trees.

These adorable wooden statutes were created by a group of hearing impaired people.

I purchased these adorable candy/roll holders that were made at the orphanage.

The best way to do some Christmas shopping.

My new humidifier

A friend was leaving Mongolia so she gave me her old humidifier. I fell in love with it when I saw it, and think of Laura daily when I use it.


It is so dry here that I run 2 of them every night.