Tsagaan Sar Mongolian New Year

Today at my Mongolian language class we learned about the upcoming Mongolian New Year holiday which is called Tsagaan Sar, which means “White Moon holiday”. It follows the lunar calendar, so this year it is February 10,11,12.
People greet each other by saying “Amar bain uu? They hold out their arms and grasp the others elbows for support. During the greeting ceremony family members hold long pieces of colored cloth called “khadag”. Typically it is blue to represent the beautiful blue sky.
After they enjoy a huge feast which lasts for days.
This is my sweet Mongolian teacher Tserenchimeg Tseren holding her khadag.


My reindeer boots

The last couple weeks I have noticed women wearing these beautiful boots around town. I found out they are handmade from reindeer.
Yesterday Mark and I went looking for a pair, which proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Only a few stores sell them, and they might only have one pair, which were always to small. We finally found a store in the Flower Market that had a nice variety, and a pair that fit.

I don’t think I will have cold feet again.

Aprons for decoration

I like these aprons so much that I don’t know if I want to wear them or just display them.
This one is from South Korea

This brown one is from Japan.

Wearable art!

Mongolian picture frame

After we moved into our apartment the workers came over and hung up our pictures. While we were in the bedroom we could hear a picture falling to the ground. It was one of my butterfly pictures with the carved wood frame, the same as this picture.

So on Saturday Mark’s driver took us to a tiny basement shop to get another frame made. They had a very small limited selection so we picked this one, paid our $16.00 and hoped for the best.

We love it, and might take the rest in to get reframed. It took less than 2 hours.
We thought framing was cheap in China!

Tea party

I finally have a place to display my tea sets. The fish set, along with the jade tea set are from China.
The pewter sets are from Thailand.

Perhaps I can have a tea party with my future grandchildren.

Letter from mom!

My mom’s letter finally arrived. It took over 2 months to get here, but I am just glad that it arrived.

I am so thankful for the the Internet as I can’t imagine waiting 2 months to see pictures of my family.
Thanks mom, for keeping me up to date with family pictures.

Some New Zealand treats

Today I received these treats from my New Zealand friend Daphne.

I had never heard of Hokey Pokey, but suppose to taste like a Canadian Crunchie Bar (sponge toffee). I know I am going to like it.
Nice to have friends from all over the world.

Keeping warm

Xieman gave me a very thoughtful gift to keep me warm in Mongolia.

You just plug it in for 10 minutes and it will stay warm from 2 to 8 hours.

You can put your hands inside or as the package says warm feet, warm sleep. I have tried it out, and it really gets warm.
Xieman knows I like the color red.
Thanks Xieman

Blue sky

I had a great time for my one night in Beijing. Went out for dinner with Ella and Xieman which was fun. Mark and I enjoyed the delicious Chinese food we had for dinner.
The air quality in Beijing was horrible.

Happy to be back in Mongolia, where the air is colder, but love seeing the blue sky.

Almost finished unpacking.

Going back to Mongolia

A couple days ago, on the news it stated that Mongolia was experiencing the coldest temperatures in the world. Here I come!
Should be an experience.