Happy Easter

It has been a few years since Mark and I spent Easter here at home. We had a great day with the kids.
Laura came to church with us.

Mark and Laura

I finally got to wear this suit that I had made in Thailand.

Trish and Tom enjoyed coloring eggs.

Matt, Jonathan, and Laura enjoyed their Easter bowls.

The kids gave me these flower bulbs. I will enjoy watching them grow.

Next year we will have a little grandson to join in the fun.


Laura wearing my maternity dress

Happy Easter to everyone. I had the best one ever, as Laura spent the night with us, and then came to church with Mark and I.
She wore the maternity dress that I wore when I was expecting Patricia.

Laura is 33 weeks in her pregnancy.

She looks and feels great.

Easter shopping

Today I had another great time shopping for Easter. I used to make these Rice Krispy treats for Patricia and her classmates since her birthday was close to Easter. I was surprised to find chocolate covered Peeps.

Also was very surprised to find edible grass in apple flavor, along with the rabbits in banana flavor.

I forgot how much I like Easter.

Decorating for Easter

This evening I decided to put out a few Easter decorations. It brought back lots of memories from when the children were young and I did ceramics when they were napping.
The orange egg with the rabbit was one of my first pieces. The lamb was also made for Laura.
The little baskets were made for Patricia’s 4th birthday, as I handed them out to all of her preschool friends.

This little bunny house was made as a night light for Matt.

I made two of these cute little bunnies for Laura and Matt, and was then able to make another one when Trish came along.

Such wonderful memories.

Shopping at Costco

This morning Mark and I went to Costco as our cupboards are empty. It is so nice to have a Costco here in Spanish Fork. Happy to buy some fresh flowers, something I really miss in Mongolia.

This was the first time I have seen this orange/lemon fruit.

They are definitely sour, so a good substitute for lemons.
It was 58*F(12C) so it felt great outside. Still shocking to see people walking around with shorts on, as I am still so used to seeing winter coats, boots and snow.

Made it home

Mark and I made it home this afternoon, and boy are we tried.
We signed up for Global Entry to avoid the long immigration lines in San Francisco, so today we gave it a try. Scanning my passport went well, but once again my fingerprints did not, so I got a big X on my paper.

This just meant I had to an officer look at my paper and my passport. Still saved lots of time.
Next time I will know what to do.

MIM Made in Mongolia, Felt

Today we toured a small felt making factory called MIM which stands for Made in Mongolia. The goal is to help the Mongolian people learn a trade and help them finacially

The wool is washed first and then turned and pulled threw the wheel.


The wool is then dyed to various colors.

Very long and tedious work.

For Christmas I had purchased a a felt tree, so now I have a Santa to go along with it.


Children’s Creative Center

Today I went with a group of IWAM ladies to tour the Children’s Creative Center. It is a state run organization that teaches the underprivileged children various crafts for a year free of charge.
This is a replica of the building made from straw

They actually iron the straw

Various pictures are then made from the straw.

Some learn drawing

Some paper cutting

I like this picture

Some learn how to make dolls and puppets

It was all very fascinating. This little boy was learning how to carve.


Picture frames

I purchased a couple pics from the eagle festival and camel polo.

Mark and I tried to get them framed on Saturday but the place was closed, so Saruul and I went yesterday. He did a great job picking the mats and frames.


He also got out his calculator to add it up to make sure I was being charged the correct amount.

He picked them up after one day, and $80.00 for all three.


They are beautiful.
Also decided to get my Mongolian script of “I love you” framed. At the framing store they were able to read it, which pleased me.

Now to decide where we shall hang them.

My quilting group

Yesterday I had seven ladies come over to do some quilting, eating, visiting, and sharing knowledge.

Some of these gals are really talented.

A couple from the US, Canada, Australia, and one from New Zealand.