Another mountain to climb

Yesterday Mark and I climbed another mountain behind our apartment.

Look what we found, a horse skull.

A Buddhist memorial.

The air quality was not great. Hopefully it will be better today.


Mongolian furniture

Since we have so much Chinese furniture we decided we should buy a few pieces of made in Mongolia furniture. Orange is the traditional color.

We liked the little table and chairs for all my future grandchildren to play on.

This stool is my favorite.


A Thai cooking lesson

Lat night a few of Mark’s co-workers came over to teach Mark how to make some of our favorite dishes.
These 3 guys did a great job.

Interesting to watch him grind the peppers.

Mark and I enjoyed visiting with his co-workers that we knew in China.

I met 2 Chinese consultants who also enjoyed the food.

We said goodbye to one of Mark’s co-workers.

It was great to see all the men cooking.

Adul in the beige sweater is the BEST cook.

A couple Canadian consultants were also lucky to enjoy the feast.

A great evening for companionship and delicious food for all of us foreigners.

The snow has arrived

This cold windy morning Mark and I walked up the hill behind our apartment.

I could see a light dusting of snow on the mountain side.

I also saw my old friend the camel.

Yesterday on our drive I saw this by the side of the road. Not sure what it represents.

Winter is coming.

Naadam, the children and the wrestling

The children were so cute._1060916

Look at this cute little girl. I love her shoes. I noticed all the children had bells on their shoes. Perhaps so the parents can tell when they are moving around.

_1060922Look at that face.


The wrestling was fascinating to watch. The wrestlers did not seem cold on this rather chilly, windy day.

_1060942Before they wrestle they move their arms like they are an eagle flying as they circle the flag pole.


The bigger wrestler won the gold medal.


I loved seeing all the spectators dressed in their deels.

_1060937It was a great day out in the country.

Unfortunately I accidentally deleted some of my pics of the archery and  the closing ceremony.

Mini Naadam in Mongolia

Naadam is the big national holiday in Mongolia which takes place in July. The three top sports, archery, horse racing and wrestling take place with medals handed out to the winners.

Yesterday a mini Naadam took place out in the countryside which was a wonderful setting for the three sports.

_1060872The flags represent the countries that the horse riders of our woman’s group belongs to.

_1060939Rhonda and I climbed up the hill behind the gers.

_1060871I got to try out the new outhouse.

_1060865The young boys raced first.

_1060894Some of the boys rode  8 km. with no saddles or shoes.


When the adults were ready to start their race, we were in the van heading to the finish line. Here you can see them coming towards us.

_1060928Then we were in the middle of the race, as we followed the front runners.

_1060930Probably one of the most fun things I have done here, racing along with the horses, in a van for 20 people.

_1060934More pictures to come.

Helping at Notre Dame Orphanage

I spent a couple hours playing games with the children at the orphanage. They loved the puzzles.




Lunch with Thai co-workers

This afternoon we invited 14 of Mark’s Thai co-workers over for an American lunch.

Mark barbecued some pork chops, and steak which they enjoyed.

They also liked the mashed potatoes, and fresh salad.

Mark has a new American co-worker, so it was great to have Dennis along with his wife Rhonda come over.

Everyone enjoyed the sweet chocolate cake, and peanut butter fudge.


First bike ride in Mongolia

Today was a beautiful sunny day, so Mark and I decided to ride into town for lunch.

What a workout as the roads are so bumpy, with no shoulders so cars are always honking.

Also lots of road construction, so a few places we rode on the bumpy sidewalks.

I miss the wonderful biking in Beijing.
Tomorrow maybe snow, so we enjoyed the wonderful warm weather.

Treats in Mongolia

Yesterday I was walking around downtown so I finally got to try out the new Cinnabon store. Delicious pecan cinnamon roll.

Mark and I were thrilled with the care package we received from Laura.

Makes living in Mongolia easier.