Weston is growing up! 

Westie likes his rabbit slippers from Mongolia.

He climbs up on the kitchen chairs 

He has discovered the towel cupboard 

Looking forward to seeing him soon! 

Saying goodbye to Sonia

Sonia and I have been doing volunteer work at School 65 for over a year now. Always a pleasant experience as Sonia teaches grammar, and I just practice conversation.

It was sad saying goodbye to Sonia, as she will have moved back to Korea before I return to Mongolia. 

Train trip to Darkhan to help hair salon in the vocational school 

Last week, I rode on the train for the 3rd time to Darkhan which is a 3.5 hour trip on the new high speed train. We arrived at the school and were treated to a delicious fried chicken meal prepared by the students.

The school was thrilled to receive all the hair supplies.

We were driven around Darkhan in an ambulance which was fun. The second day we visited the pediatric hospital, so they supplied the ambulance. 

The second day we toured the pediatric hospital, as they are in need of blinds for the windows. They only take children with respiratory problems, so the children were not seriously ill.

Everyone was very happy with our donations.