Westie gets his first haircut

Westie a few days before the haircut 

Westie went to Cookie Cutter to get his first hair 


Westie celebrates at the park on a rainy day

Westie invited friends to the park to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

He liked his bug cake! 


He had fun with both grandmas.


Everyone enjoyed decorating the aprons, and playing with the stickers.

Everyone enjoyed hitting the piñata. 


Nice to go home to the warm house to open the gifts.

A fun day for everyone. 

Weston turns 2 May 14, 2015 

We had a small family party for Westie.

He liked his cupcakes and his gifts.  








Mother’s Day 2015 

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my kids and grandsons. Just loved the corsage from Jonathan.



Westie had fun at the mall

Westie enjoyed riding in the car 

He also liked the train

But he liked riding on Timee the best!

He enjoyed eating a pretzel at the mall!

He liked his ice cream cone at home


Westie is having fun at Grampy and Grammy’s house 

Westie sure had a fun day today playing at the school where Grammy used to teach.


Nolan and his mom’s dolls 

Nolan was sitting on my old church bench with all of his mom’s dolls