Weston has fun staying with Gaamaa and Granky

He loves his Canadian flags!


He enjoyed playing with his water table, and eating outside. 

Weston liked climbing up to sit on the chair. 


 We had fun at the park with his Canada hat on.


 He pulled Teme around. 


My dad’s funeral 

For my dad’s funeral on June 16th, us girls wore mom’s hats and the boys wore dad’s hats.

Many friends and relatives came for the viewing.

We displayed the  airplanes and the bottle birdhouse my dad made. 



  All of the 6 grandsons were the pall bearers. Joe and Jamie also wore hats.


Us children put the cloak on the casket.

      A nice pic of Mary, Jamie and I.


Matt did a wonderful job with the first reading. Kim the second reading and cousin Bob, the prayer for intentions.


A few pics were taken at the front of the church.


Weston wanted to wear my hat.

At the gravesite.


The gravestone. 


My dad joins my mom 

On June 10th my dad left this world to join my mom. A better place for him to be.


I am so happy we had a nice visit with him in March. He was able to meet Nolan. 
He enjoyed visiting with Weston.


 Nice to have a picture of all of us siblings with dad. 

  I am happy that you are with mom now.  

Matt buys a house 

Matt bought a house in the Avenues  


He is 5 blocks away from Laura.

We are selling our home

We have lived 21 years in Spanish Fork, but now Mark and I are ready to move to Salt Lake to be closer to our children and our 2 grandsons.

The kitchen used to be wallpapered and now we updated with paint.