Getting around Bangkok

Presently Mark and I are staying at an apartment on the canal. We are learning to get around on the long tail water buses. 


Having fun in Bangkok, July 2015

I love the handmade Thailand shoes! 

Mark and I enjoyed seeing the new Mission Impossible at a beautiful new theater. First you enjoy some snacks and then get to sit in comfy chairs, complete with pillow and blanket.


Westie starts preschool! 

Westie now goes to preschool 2 days a week.


Nolan’s first birthday on June 18, 2015

Nolan celebrated his first birthday at a local park. He had the minion theme.
He enjoyed playing in the icing.


He liked his wagon from Grampy and Grammy.






Fourth of July in Bar Harbor Maine 2015

We went downtown to watch the fireworks.


Whale watching in Bay Harbor Maine 

We went out on a whale watching boat, but unfortunately did not see any whales.


Family Reunion 

We enjoyed a day at the beach in Old Orchard Maine. 


Wayment Family reunion July 4, 2015 Bar Harbor Maine 

We had a wonderful time at the family reunion and we were so happy to have all of our children attend. 

Nolan and Weston were as cute as can be.
We were able to get a family photo with everyone looking.


  Here is Mark and his two brothers Kevin and Roland, and his mom. 

The sister in laws with mom.

The whole gang at the family reunion.