Final goodbyes 

Mark and I were able to share a delicious dinner with his co-workers at my favorite restaurant Monet. Sad to say goodbye to Sunny from India, and Peter from China.

Mark received these beautiful Mongolian clothes for our grandsons.

A beautiful Mongolian bowl full of yogurt treats.

Tolga our wonderful driver, gave us this beautiful book, along with a bottle of Mongolian vodka. 


Saying goodbye to Chaggi, my teacher friend 

Tolga and I were to visit with Chaggi who I knew from School 65 where I did my volunteer teaching. I was thrilled to meet her 1 week old son.

She gave me this beautiful picture she made along with the necklace.

I will miss her and her cute family.

More sad goodbyes 

It was very sad saying goodbye to Oogie who was the manager at our apartment complex. I will miss his sweet, kind nature.


Going away with Mark’s co-workers.

We enjoyed our dinner at Hotel Mongolia.

In front is the tree that was built at Kharkhorin. It has 4 spouts, honey, beer, and wine, mares milk.

We will miss our wonderful driver Tolga.

Mark and I were able to sit in one of the gers.


Time to say a sad goodbye to Mongolia 

It is with sadness that Mark and I say goodbye to Mongolia. My dear friends had a going away lunch for me, which was delicious. 

They gave me a beautiful silk hand painted scarf, and pearl earrings. 

I love my gifts and will miss all my friends.

A Mongolian Ger to take home 

I thought it would be fun to buy a Mongolian Ger to take home to Utah with us. We have a big yard, so we will be able to put it up for the summer for the grandies to play in.

It comes in 3 bags so easy to move around. 

Next you put the roof top circle together.

Next the wooden webbing goes up for the walls.

Next add the orange poles for the roof support.

Next add the door.  

Next the fleece cover.

Then a canvas waterproof cover which comes in 2 parts.

Next the white silk covering, followed by straps to keep it from blowing away.

Finally the folding doors.

Here is what it looks like inside the get. 

I think our grandchildren are going to like it. 

A Mongolian tent to take home

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a handmade tent to take home.

Weston’s name in Mongolian script.

Nolan’s name on the other side.

I think they are going to like playing in it. 

A wonderful visit to Kharkhorin 

On Saturday we drove to Kharkhorin the old capital of Mongolia. This monument is built on the hill outside the city.

We stayed in a very nice ger, with big windows and an attached bathroom.

We enjoyed our visit to the history museum, to learn about the history of Mongolia. 

The diplomatic passport 

We enjoyed our tour of Erdene Zuu Monastery which was founded in 1586, and was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. 

To end the tour, a visit to the Fertility Stone, built by the monks to deter promiscuity.

A wonderful trip just before our departure from Mongolia. 

Weekend trip to Khustai 

Last Friday Mark, Kinna, Sue and I left for our trip to see the wild horses and the old capital of Mongolia.

Our ger was very big and spacious.








We then took a short drive to see the Tahki horses that are protected in this park.



We enjoyed our picnic lunch the next day, after our walk around the park in the morning.


We then hiked up Uvgun monastery which was built in the 17th century.


We then enjoyed a camel ride thru the sand dunes.


Changing of the guard at Chinggis Square 

I have wanted to watch the changing of the guard at Chinggis Square formally Sukhbaatar Square, since we moved here 3 years ago. Mark and I walked down there on Sunday morning, which was a beautiful, blue sky day.

On the way there I stopped to take a pic with the camels. A couple years ago there was only 1, and now 5.

I like this mural painted on the wall downtown.