Halloween parties with the grandies

I went along with Weston for his preschool Halloween party

We  went to the Halloween party at our church. Weston enjoyed painting a pumpkin.

I am enjoying reading Big Pumpkin to the grandies. 


A day with the family at Cornbelly’s Pumpkin Patch 

We had a great day at the pumpkin patch. Enjoyed th  wagon ride around the park.

Matt and Grampy enjoyed playing in the corn patch.

We wondered who liked the slide the best? 

I enjoyed the cow train ride with Westie.

Westie enjoyed the wagon ride.

Nolan made a very cute dinosaur.


Uncle Bob’s burial at Arlington Cemetery 

On Tuesday October 13th Mark and I attended the military funeral for Robert Allen(uncle Bob) at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC. 

It was very interesting to watch the men in uniform fold the American flag.

They had the 21 gun salute.

The soldier played “taps” on the bugle.

It was a very nice service for all the extended family.

Aunt Elizabeth was presented with the American flag.

He will be buried in this plot.

We enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Woman’s war Memorial.


Delicious food at the mall

On Wednesday I enjoyed delicious duck and crispy pork

Today I tried Japanese and enjoyed tender beef.

I was thrilled to find my favorite chocolate bar with a free coffee mug.


Our apartment 

Our memories of Mongolia 

Soon I will see my brandies.

Our new comfy chairs! 

I think I am going to like it here.

My delicious breakfast

This breakfast puts a smile on my face. Mango, sticky rice and fresh Thai orange juice.


My morning walk along the canal

The canal is a five minute walk from our apartment, so it is shady and a quiet walk.