Christmas in our new home

Us girls enjoyed our aprons from Bangkok.

Weston and Nolan liked their racetrack

Weston loved his trampoline, while Nolan waited patiently for his turn.

Matt and Erin liked their flatware from Bangkok.

Today Jill and Connie came for lunch. Jill was the first teacher I worked with and was my inspiration to become a teacher. Connie was always there for me when I taught.


Some pictures from our new house 

Our front door  

We finally are using the church bench we purchased from our old church in Kentucky in our new laundry room.

I was so thrilled to hang this plaque up that my parents bought on their honeymoon in 1954. I can look at it everyday.

This banner from China is hanging in our living room.

I love my little statues.


First Thailand wedding in Bangkok

Yesterday Mark and I attended the wedding of Prakay and Teresa.

We were able to pose with them when we arrived. To my left is Vimol who drove us to the reception.

We were happy to be with friends that Mark worked with in China.

It was beautiful to watch them cut the cake.


We had a white Christmas in Utah

It has snowed here for the last couple weeks.


Unpacking treasures from Mongolia 

I was thrilled to unpack my antique chest from Mongolia.  

Fun to decorate the bathroom for Christmas.