The cousins got together 

Today all the grandies came over. Cecilia slept most of the day, while the boys played.

Nolan enjoyed looking at her.

Weston finally decided to hold her.



Cecilia is 10 days old

Great pics  

The couple pictures with big brother Weston


Celebrating New Year’s Eve late 

We had everyone over for turkey dinner last night. Also celebrated Cecilia being a week old.

Thrilled that Simon was here to join in the celebration.

My sweet Cecilia 


Weston and the bird feeders 

Weston helped Granky fill the bird feeders.

He then enjoyed rolling around in the snow, and eating the snow.

Weston enjoyed shoveling the snow/water.


Playing in the snow

Weston and Nolan had lots of fun playing in the snow last week at my home. Nolan enjoyed being pulled on the sled.

Granky and the boys! 

Gaama and the boys! 

The built a snowman


Here is Cecilia Ann

It took Laura and Jonathan a day to decide on her name. She came into the world 5 days early, the same as her big brother.

She is named after her 2 grandmothers. Cecilia is my middle name and Ann is the middle name of Grandma Margaret Miller.

Aunt Trishi came for a visit.

She did not enjoy her first bath.


My new granddaughter is here

On Saturday, January 2nd at 7:38pm, my granddaughter was born. This picture was taken before Laura went to the hospital.

She weighed 7lbs, 9oz and was 19″ long.

She is a beauty. Here is the midwife who helped with the delivery.

Weston is not sure about his little sister.

Mark and I are thrilled.

The while flower vase holding the roses was given to me from Mark when Laura was born. She is born in th the year of the ram/goat.

Uncle Matt came to meet her.