Easter Sunday

It was wonderful Easter Sunday at church.


Happy Easter in Salt Lake City 

Westie enjoyed his Easter egg hunt at school 

Weston and Nolan had fun egg hunting at the local grocery store. 

The Easter egg hunt continued at Gamma, and Granky’s house.


Granky is home! 

Weston is thrilled to have Granky back home. 



My mother loved violets, and little flowers. I was thrilled to find my front flowerbed covered in them.

My children gave these little vases to my mother years ago.


Great Aunt Theresa is visiting 

It is spring break in Canada, so Great Aunt Theresa came for a visit.  

Today we decorated Easter eggs. 

Nolan enjoyed cleaning up afterwards.

Auntie Auntie is enjoying her Cece time.


Cecilia is 2 months old 

My beautiful Cecilia Ann is 2 months old.