A few days on Pattie’s boat 

We drove 3 hours from Kitchener to Georgian Bay to spend a few days on the boat.

A wonderful visit with Aunt Margaret 

We all drove over to Michigan to visit Aunt Margaret whose is my mom’s youngest sister. 

Fun in the sun with my siblings 

I spent the weekend in Windsor with my siblings. Thrilled that Matt and Erin came for the party weekend.

Trip to Canada to visit my siblings.

I spent 11 days up in Canada to visit with family.

I was thrilled to meet my great nephew Oliver, son of Amanda Baulk

It was fun playing with Emily’s 3 boys.

Xavier, Riley, Tyson 

Some extra group photos 

Here are some pics of the three of us.

We sure had a great time, and it was so wonderful having Caitlyn do all the translating for us. She was great! 

Delicious food in Lisbon 

We spent our 2 evening meals in quaint little restaurants a short walk from our hotel. The first one did not take credit cards, so Caitlyn ran back to the hotel to get some cash. Delicious octopus and pork strips. 

The yellow cable car in Lisbon.

Seafood stew, the specialty, and cheeses food.

We laughed so much at our last dinner. The power went out a few times, and we were all sweating as no AC. 

Lisbon Portugal 

We arrived at 10 in the morning, so we took a cab to our hotel. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and took a little nap before heading out to see the city.

We stopped at the 91 year old glove shop that is only 4 feet wide.

We enjoyed lots of different seafood. Lisbon is famous for their sardines, so I gave them a try.

Superb mussels with peppers.

Portugal is famous for their custard tarts which are served warm.

We took the subway to the tile museum.

We then walked to this tower, but it would have been a 2 hour wait to go into it. Just too hot to stand in line. We stepped into the warm water.

The train ride 

We met up with Jose who walked us down to the train, and moved us a couple times, until we were all settled in to a 4 bed sleeping compartment. We had to keep the door open as such a small room, I could not sleep. The train swayed a lot the whole 10 hour ride.

Our train ride to Lisbon Portugal 

We got to the train early to board for the 4 hour ride to Madrid, with a two hour layover and then an over night train to Portugal. The train had problems so we were towed back to Seville, put on a later train to Madrid. Unfortunately we missed our connecting train, and had to spend the night in a hotel close to the train station. Since the train company was responsible, they paid for the hotel for the night. Jose was very nice and helpful, and told us we could catch the train the following evening. We were hungry so we ate pizza at midnight.

On our day in Madrid we went to the bullfighting cafe again, and enjoyed bull’s tail for lunch.

It was delicious!