The adventure shifts to Mongolia!

Bull fighting in Seville 

Bull fights do not take place in August, so we just toured the stadium.

The chapel where the matador prays before a bullfight. 

The 2 most famous Matadors. One died in the ring at a young age. The other one lived to be old.

Som statues in the museum.

The bull getting pulled out of the ring at the end.

In each fight there are 3 Matadors. The first one waves a pink cape to tire the bull out. The second one uses 8 knives to strike him. The last one uses the red cape, and is suppose to spear him in the middle of his back near his neck. If the bull does really well, he may be pardoned to go live the rest of his life in a pasture. 

Seville in the morning

In Seville we enjoyed our breakfast on the street cafe

We toured the palace of Seville

Seville Spain 

We walked around in the morning, and it was so hot.

A province in Spain 

Enjoyed tomato caprese salad, and roasted pork 

Beautiful beach in Valencia

We enjoyed a hamburger at the beach 

Beautiful fountains and empty streets in the evening 

Caitlyn did a great job making us fresh orange juice for breakfast 

We enjoyed the dolfin show in the morning 

Valencia Spain 

We started off with a great breakfast of fresh orange juice, pastry, cafe con leche.

We toured Valencia Cathedral which has the smal chapel that displays the Holy Grail, used at the Last Supper.

We then climbed the steps to the top of Torres de Serranos which is one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall,

The front door of the Bascilica 

The front door says the Lord’s Prayer. Also sentences in different languages from the prayers 

Basilica of Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi 

This church was started in 1880, and still not completed. The Pope consecrated it in November 2010. They hope to finish it in 10 years. 


Barcelona is beautiful! 

We then visited a home he designed. 

Just beautiful! 

Today we visited the Prado museum 

I loved the Bosco exhibit. Beautiful paintings of the life of Christ.

Delicious food and drinks

I am loving all the good food here, as very inexpensive and tasty